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Other People's Drama

Spirshash showed up here far, far after midnight, with sparks, or at least metaphors, shooting out of his ears. He had a fight with Tillissa, which ended up with him throwing a bowl of salmon in cumin paste at her.

The story is very confusing. They seem to be fighting for a great many reasons, which do not actually make much sense to me. This is Spirshash's side of things. I daresay Tillissa is not such a fiend as he portrays.

  • Last month, Tillissa painted some very unpleasant artistic howling Rassimel heads on their living room wall. She agreed to paint them over, but she never did. (I've seen them -- they're hideous!)
  • Spirshash likes cumin. A lot. Tillissa does not like cumin very much. One recent week when Tillissa was spending lots of time studying, Spirshash did a lot of the cooking, and mostly made cuminated fishes, which Tillissa is not fond of. She didn't tell him she hated it 'til the end of the week. This discussion, at the end, resulted in him tossing the dinner at her and storming out of the apartment.
  • Spirshash banged his knee hard in a pond. Tillissa keeps slapping him on it with her tail. (She does slap people a lot with her tail generally.)
  • Tillissa borrowed his formal kilt without asking him. It came back spotted with quendry wine. She refused to clean it, saying that it was spotted when she got it. Spirshash says she's lying.
  • Tillissa and Spirshash were in one or another of the drama clubs. Tillissa got the Orren lead. Spirshash is taking three roles (one of them Cani), with a total of eight lines between them. Tillissa evidently mocks Spirshash considerably for this.

None of this sounds particularly serious to me, except for the flying salmon. Spirshash seems quite upset with it, though. I fed him brandy, and some of Havune's leftovers since his dinner had become a weapon, and tucked him in on the couch when he went to sleep.

In other other peoples' drama: Tethezai has (1) painted Dustweed a quite glorious green, with many spiralling vines climbing up zir spikes and down zir limbs; (2) convinced Dustweed to wear a very short kilt and not much else, and walk around the art building; and (3) claimed a rather incendiary kiss from zir -- their first one -- in front of her art professor's office. With the professor watching. And four or five other people. Dustweed was crying again, but this time because zie's afraid people will think that zie's transaffectionate, which isn't very good for a Herethroy.

And for drama in my own life: I put too many big textbooks on top of too many small textbooks. There was a bookslide. My best ribbons got crushed. I shall have to have them pressed before I wear them. I consider this an acceptable level of drama for me.

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