Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Conjuring in the Dark Trinity [10 Hispis 4385]

Saza and La Hish all but begged me to consecrate a few things in the Temple of the Dark Trinity. They were hoping I'd be making weapons to use against Oorah Thrassen in some upcoming war against them.

I'm not that organized though. And I'm used to losing wars against Oorah Thrassen, so I'll probably just use the lesser but still generally adequate temples of those gods in Vheshrame, if it comes to that.

The Dark Trinity in Oorah Thrassen is: Gnarn (goddess of Mutoc and the Sleeth, and Vae's creatrix); Iraz Varuun (goddess of Magiador); Accanax (god of Destroc and the Khtsoyis and Gormoror, and Gnarn's younger brother). For those keeping records, we have enough good candidates to make a whole separate Dark Trinity with some left over, so don't be too surprised about any variations you may hear of.

And it so happens that I have a project involving all three. Something I've wanted for most of my life, in fact. A tool to destroy (Destroc) spells (Magiador), but focussed on Mutoc spells in particular.

Which is to say, a tool for betraying my oldest friend.


I filled up eleven pages in my work notebook fussing about whether it was better for me to sew the tool myself, or have Grinwipey do it. Me, because it's often better to make the things you enchant yourself, and I'm a pretty good seamstress, and because I'm still quite annoyed at him. Wipey, because he's far better than I am, and because it's good to get Khtsoyis involved when you're working with Accanax, and because I should either make peace with him or firmly not.

After doing lots of math, the last point made me decide. That, and by then I'd wasted so much time doing the math that I needed the extra tentacles helping anyways.

So we chatted a bit while we were working.

Grinwipey:"So, you going in to that myther-fiddling temple?"

Me:"Yes, of course. I generally do my own consecrations."

Grinwipey:"Y'know, I wouldn't just walk into the place of power of a snaggy-wing like that Saza cozza of yours. If I could walk, I mean. Just sayin'."

Me:"What do you think zie might do to me? I've shared meals and fireplaces with zir. You zie's pissed at -- and I am too -- but zie's not particularly unhappy with me."

Grinwipey:"Just 'cause you're the lickety-waffle wiz of Vheshrame." He finished embroidering a shattered draconic eye on his end of the ribbon, and showed me. It was ... not beautiful, but perfect.

Me:"So? Zie wants a wizard-war with Vheshrame. Vheshrame needs a wizard for that ... even one that uses breakfast foods."

Grinwipey:"Huh? Oh, hah ... you think 'lickety-waffle' is about breakfast foods? Sythyry, you're as naive as a virgin on hogo-pogo night." (Yes, I am. I don't know what hogo-pogo night is either.) "Nah, zie ain't gonna hurt you, but I bet zie fixes up something t'take your edge off."

Me:"Zie's not going to hurt me. Really."

Grinwipey:"Well, if zie twunks your bunks with a fash of funk, don't say I didn't warn you."

Me:"I won't." Because I have no idea what that means either.

The Simple Consecration

I am not consecrating it to Gnarn -- I only get one Noun and one Verb, and the Verb is Destroc. But there is a polite little ceremony of introduction which I did do. It almost never does anything, and, in this case, it didn't do anything. But it's good to see the Temple for the first time somewhat before you do a heavy consecration ceremony.

The Temple of the Dark Trinity in Oorah Thrassen started out in a spare lumber shack, used when they were building the sky-bridge. The first priests held informal services there, and were rather surprised at how attentive the gods were to them. They didn't want to tinker with success, so the heart of the Temple complex is the old lumber shack. The outer buildings are rather more imposing; they're the sorts of edifices you'd expect from a temple of [some of] our most wicked gods. Towers topped with fanged Sleeth skulls and vast glass crystals and writhing tentacles, and all that sort of tourist stuff. There's a public temple that's all black marble and dripping candles and wailing invisible choirs and suchlike doom. But that's for worship, not for work.

The true heart of power is the triangular altar made of some warped skybridge floor boards and three old wooden crates, in a dusty mostly-empty space. Seven crude clay lamps burning rendered mherobump fat float haphazardly on one side. (I don't think that they kill the mherobump for their fat; I think they buy mherobump corpses in the mherobump ghettoes of the nearby Choinxeian cities.) The decorations are sparse and undecorative: coils of rope in the corners of the room, a scattering of dead flies, the junk of some tools for enchanting floorboards to levitate.

A Great Priest of Iraz Varuun was waiting for me, so wrapped in incarnadine gabardine that I couldn't see zir species or gender for sure. Orren I think. He(?) burned sacred scathnard incense and set thirteen densly-written books around the altar, and silently invited me in with a wave of the blue-green flags on his wands.

I offered a miniature book bound in mnenorzion to the goddess, in which I had copied my old diary entry about the first time Vae had nearly killed me with a friendly helpful spellcast. (Yes, I used one of my own quills to write it, and another one as a bookmark. No, I didn't write it in my own blood.) The topic was chosen carefully: an explanation about why I want to break Vae's spells in particular, an emphasis that I don't want to destroy Vae herself, and an apology for making a spell-breaking item, which is not Iraz Varuun's top preference.

I prayed -- which mostly consisted of a lecture on fine points of the enchantment, which Iraz Varuun appreciates -- for most of an hour.

And that worked fine. The goddess's attention fell on me for a second and a half, like a very hot and peppery scrying spell, and that was that.

+30% on Enchantability, which is a quite respectable result for a consecration with a Noun God. I had made plans assuming +25%, which is more typical for this sort of thing in the Temple of the Dark Trinity. The extra can go for extra power, which is always useful.

That's how it's supposed to go.

The consecration to Accanax was nothing like that.

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