Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


Pazi-Pazi is stalking me again. She has learned, I believe, to note
when I have sipped brandy, and am thus at my clumsiest and most
vulnerable. This is an important skill of cats in the wild, who
frequently order tiny chalices of brandy, anonymously, for mice, and
eat them afterwards. [This is absolutely not true, though Sythyry
certainly has been at the brandy. -bb]

Dustweed washed zir clothes, and hung two tunics from the beams
over the fireplace. Pazi-Pazi lurked behind one of them, perched on
the mantlepiece, and leaped out to knock me to the ground when I flew
(not a bit wobbly!) to bed. As a natural consequence of this,
Dustweed's white tunic has a beautiful, elegant, stylish Zi Ri
breath-burn across most of the left back side. Furthermore, by some
injustice, it is I, not Pazi-Pazi, who must pay to buy Dustweed
another tunic.

Sneaky Veffu, the mouse who caused us to let Pazi-Pazi into our hearts
and mantlepieces, has only been spotted three or four times.
Specifically, Havune has taken to snuffling around in the back of the
pantry, and once in a while catches a mousical whiff. I believe that
our Evil Neighbors are breeding them, training them, and sending them
over to devour our dried beans and pickled peppered caterpillars. We
have not yet learned which neighbors are the Evil Neighbors. However,
they are not expert at evil, for they have not provided any of the
Sneaky Veffus with tiny pry bars with which to open glass bottles of
pickled peppered caterpillars.

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