Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Wizards of Oorah Thrassen, part 1 [8 Hispis 4385]

We (the Strayway) have been flying a bit slower than we expected, mainly due to stopping a lot when both pilots were elsewise busy. So we (Phaniet, Vae, Saza, and me) were running late for our scheduled luncheon with the wizards of Oorah Thrassen. Which, naturally, meant hopping into Saza's conservative flying gazebo, prying Strayway's antelopes off the gazebo's geese, and charging at top speed to a spot in the middle air off the skybridge. Watching the sun roll out from behind the main trunk at exactly noontime was part of the aesthetics of the meeting. I'm pretty sure there are some Rassimel involved.

Kzip la Hish was already there. La Hish's skyboat was an even more conservative two-masted boatish thing, gleaming green. La Hish herself was also somewhat gleaming green, having dressed in shiny silk that roughly matched her airship and would not have looked out of place if she were working in a bank. Under the silk she's a very unremarkable-looking Rassimel woman with squirrel styling.

Otresto arrived just barely on time. No skyboat for him -- he doesn't have one. (And, of course, it Would Not Do for him to get a ride with anyone else.) He flew straight from Oorat Thrassen on a sentient wind spell. He's a Rassimel man with ridiculous lavender and crimson fur, and wearing an insane and traumatic confection of leather, ribbons, disks of five kinds of metal, and a draping velvet cloak. I think his clothes weighed more than Saza and I together. Despite that, they left his entire front side naked. They would not have looked out of place in ... um ... total darkness, I suppose.

Everyone:Introduce, introduce, introduce. Now shut up to watch the sun come out.

(OOC: Sorry, sick this week, so writing is slow.)

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