Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Aftermaths [7 Hispis 4385]

Sythyry vs. Sazandigraa, round 1

Me:"I am tempted to evict Grinwipey, if not outright execute him."

Saza:"I don't recommend executing him, coz. Executing his uncle did not work very well for me."

Me:"I'm entirely within my rights to evict him from my ship. In mid-air."

Saza:"I beg you to reconsider, coz. It is rather important to me that everything appear as normal as possible. I should very much dislike anyone asking questions such as, 'Why did Sythyry toss zir client and expert artist out of the skyboat all of a sudden?'"

Me:"Evicting a foulmouthed Khtsoyis is hardly that unusual."

Saza:"Though how you had managed not to notice that he was a foulmouthed Khtsoyis before now is somewhat of a mystery."

Me:"People may dismiss it as a lover's quarrel. I'm sure they suspect me as it is."

Saza:"I should prefer the pretence of utter and complete normality. And not for the sake of your reputation, coz. Though I do appreciate the offer of a sacrifice."

Me:"OK, nothing that awakens outside suspicions. I am going to go yell at him."

Because I am so very, very good at yelling at people.

Sythyry vs. Grinwipey

I confronted my evil Khtsoyis in his bedroom.

Me:"That wasn't at all appropriate."

Grinwipey:"Neither's torturing a poor honest shoggie just doing his job. Neither's making those Gnarn-nuggering mind control spells."

Me:"You have an acute sense of justice, then?"

Grinwipey:"Nothing cute on a shoggy."

Me:"Stop acting cute, then."

Rather to my surprise, he did.

Grinwipey:"My point being, when my aged mother found out I was going out of town with you 'n the grail-tail for a few years, 'n visiting your relatives on the way, she comes up with a helpful little errand I can do. I'm just her messenger, is all. And just your seamstress."

Me:"Well, do you have any other messages or errands or ... anything else I'm going to be unhappy about when it happens?"

Grinwipey:"Nah, nothing I expect you'll be unhappy about. One more message, though."

Me:"Care to show me in advance? Your other choice being to float back to Vheshrame."

Grinwipey:"Can't really show you in advance, just ain't possible."

Me:"Then you'd better ... [interrupted]"

Grinwipey:"Aw, I don't mean to smutter your butter, Sythyry. All I'm sayin' is it's a message to you, 'n I can't properly show you before I show you, now, can I? "

Me:"I suppose I must genuflect before the altar of logic. But what is this message?"

So Grinwipey floated over and flipped a box open. Two bottles of excellent brandy, a box of excellent meditation incense, and a set of green ribbons. Underneath, a cloth reading: With Supreme Apologies. -e -g

Grinwipey:"'-g' is me."

Me:"Apology or no apology, I am still responsible for you, as your patron. If you involve me in any more plots against my relatives, I will ... prove harder to blackmail than Sazandigraa. I don't have any secrets bigger than the occasional crush that I don't do anything about."

Grinwipey:"Sure, me 'n m'aged mother 'n m'uncle and all are quivering all our tentacles at the thought of your wizardly wrath." He shook a few tentacles to make his point more plausible, though I didn't much believe it. "I'll be good as groundnuts from now on. Good as poodle-shagging groundnuts."

I didn't much believe that either, but ... I am trying to take care of him, out of regard for his art at least. And of course I can't evict Grinwipey without risking getting Sazandigraa's story revealed, if nothing else, and that's Sazandigraa's call.

Sythyry vs. Saza, round 2

Me:"It's hard to discipline a Khtsoyis who is holding blackmail materials on you, but I have done what I could do. Rather, what I could do without actively causing you trouble."

Saza:"I appreciate that."

Me:"What approach shall we take?"

Saza:"We shall pretend that it never happened. I am expecting to pay a great deal for this pretense. I want to get my money's worth."

Me:"Very well. We'll continue with the visit as originally planned?"

Saza:"That would be for the best."

Me:"May I help with the payment?"

Saza:"I would take that as a great kindness." Zie finished zir brandy. "I suppose it is time to go see what other surprises lurk amidst your crew."

Me:"None, I hope."

Which was an utterly vain hope, given my crew.


Quendry:"Uncle Saza! Uncle Saza! I maked you a wonderful sprize!"

Saza:"Sprizes are always wonderful, and so I thank you, Quendry Arfaen's-son." In a thousand years I suppose one learns the art of concealing one's emotions and being polite and cheerful in public.

Mellilot:"He worked all morning on it."

Quendry:"And I taked a bath, and I baked a bread rolls, and I shaked a rattle! That rhymes! It rhymes three times!"

Saza:"That rhymes too."

Quendry: [dancing around the room wagging his tail.] "A rhymes, three times ... some limes! All primes!"

Vae:"Not all primes, truly, but most."

Mellilot:"Quendry, the surprise."

Quendry:"The surprise!" He picked up a rather basic red cloth ribbon to which some glittery things had been attached with glue. "Here! This is your special Strayway wearing ribbon! Everyone will let you on the yacht when you are wearing this ribbon! It is special! This is you on the ribbon!" Saza looked rather like a picture of a squashed spider. "This is mommy!" Arfaen was an armless shape with an immense tail. "This is Ochirion!" Ochirion was a few tangled circles. "This is a talking couch!" It had some corners, in any case.

Saza wrapped it around zir neck as best zie could, getting glitter on zir feathers

Saza:"Why, Quendry, thank you. This is absolutely the best surprise I have received today."

Which was very true.

Sythyry vs. Saza, round 3

We were curled up together, politely, in the fireplace in my cabin to sleep. This is conventional manners for Zi Ri, I might note, and should not be mistaken for what it might mean if, say, two Rassimel were curled up in bed together, or two Sleeth. Even if I had been cisaffectionate, Saza was hardly in a receptive mood, much less a proceptive one.

Saza:"Sythyry, I am afraid that what I am going to say is unjustified, but I must say it. If I learn today that you were involved in this blackmail, I will forgive you, this year or this century as befits the circumstances. But if I learn about it tomorrow, I will never forgive you at all."

Me:"Fair enough. There's nothing to learn though. It was a surprise to me. If Grinwipey told me anything about it, he did it with such a slanty cant that I can't understand it."

Saza:"You've been taking rhyming lessons from Quendry, haven't you? I believe you. But if you are lying, I will be as unkind as I can arrange."

Me:"I had nothing to do with it. If you want to be sure ... do you have a truth-spell?"

I asked that with more than a little trepidation. Offering to allow zir to use mind-magic on me is somewhere between terrifying and disgusting. Even asking the question makes clear that zie is a mind-mage, which, though true, is not really a point I want to emphasize today.

Saza:"Yes, I do, as it happens. I'm very sorry. If I don't use it now, I am going to worry about it forever."

Me:"Saza, I would rather trust your sorcery than give you extra trouble. Coz."

So zie did. I stared at the spell to make sure it was Detect A Lie, which it was. It's not as hard for me to tolerate such things as for most people. I'm used to Vae casting mind magic on me, and breaking my ribs, and all sorts of things that are not acceptable in polite society. Somehow I've managed to be friends with her. Somehow I will manage to be friends with Sazandigraa as well.

Me:"I told you the full truth of what I knew and when I knew it; Grinwipey concealed it from me altogether, and I had nothing to do with it."

Saza:"Thank you, coz"

After which I had a sobbing cousin in my wings and fireplace, for rather a long time. There are no further interesting details, though.

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