Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

eetmewithtoast -- How high can you fly? Have you left the atmosphere?

In principle, I could fly all the way to the edge of the
universe. I would have to make my own food on the way, by
spells. I can sleep while I levitate. I do not age. But
... it's ten million miles, or ten million times that
(estimates vary a lot). With good spells I could probably
do, say, a hundred miles a day. That's four hundred
[243-day] years: a tenth part of the age of the universe,
just to get there. Damned boring!

[The World Tree universe is, so far as is known, entirely
full of air, and air at a roughly constant pressure. -- bb]

postrodent -- What Prime race, if any, is Sythyry least
likely to get along well with?

What prime race is anyone least likely to get along
with? Khtsoyis, of course. They don't even get along with
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