Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


dragon_spirit -- What is the air speed velocity of a laden swallow?

As fast as you like, if you provide a suitable tailwind.

rowyn -- Why the passion for Orrens?

I like their enthusiasm and their sleekness and their joy in their own bodies. (I understand that many Zi Ri like Sleeth for the same reasons, but I am not on social terms with any Sleeth.)

Orren are also recommended, when one's parents are recommending such things, because they are likely to leave you before they die of old age. (Sleeth too.) I am not entirely sure why this is an advantage, but ~mother~ says I will understand it eventually.

I should rather like the chance to date another Zi Ri, but there aren't any my own age closer than the main trunk.

chipuni -- What do you do when there's cold Surprise?

I spend a great deal of time in the fire. I fly very fast from building to building. I try to persuade Orren to tuck me into their overcoats.

terrycloth -- So, what does your ink taste like?

I try to clean the knife between uses! (But ... um ... it's bitter and somewhat oily, and quite nasty really.)

kenthar -- What are all the possible answers to 1+1? There are at least 4 ;)

If you asked Flokin, I daresay you could get anything at all as an answer! But some good choices include:

  • 3, if the 1's are adult male and female Orren
  • a very lonely 2, if the 1's are adult male and female Herethroy.
  • 2 but looking for another 8 or so to make a family, if the 1's are Cani
  • 14 umpleasant squirmy tentacles, if the 1's are Khtsoyis
  • a fight, if the 1's are Sleeth
  • 2 for a very very long time, if the 1's are Zi Ri
  • a very romantic fight, if the 1's are Gormoror
  • 3 plus a collection of antique ornamental snuff boxes, if the 1's are Rassimel.

midnightserval -- Speaking of the interactions of the primes, what places would you like to go where you would typically not be allowed (by social custom, not your parents specifically)?

Some of the caves in the Verticals, maybe ... the custom keeping me away from them is the monsters' custom for being unkind to primes who come to their home. I've been injured enough for one year.

I'm sure you wanted me to mention some of the fleshpots of Vheshrame, but I'm a bit scared to go there -- they're rough, and I've still been injured enough for one year.

zk8ssaaacyhz -- Why did you add me to your friends' list?

OOC: I think that a friend mentioned your journal in zir own journal, and you seemed literate and worth reading.

tempralisis -- I don’t suppose you know of any game designers in Ketheria? I have a dept to repay and I haven’t been able to find them. They don’t seem to have a guild (that I know of).

I think someone in particular designed long chess. I don't know who, if anyone, designed diamond chess. Or card games. Or scholars' drinking games.

perlandria -- If the wood spoons pick up tastes, why not pre-flavor them?

I have been to a restaurant that served soup with spicewood spoons! They didn't have any in my size though.

Actually I suppose the real answer is, "Because you'd need lots and lots of spoons, one for each kind of taste, and storing them would be a pain and keeping them straight would be two pains."

aprivatefox -- Will your broken hand impede your ability to please Orren in bed, should any find that a small blue lizard in need of nursemaiding is a tempting and attractive partner?

Not any more! It's healed, or I wouldn't be writing.

In general ... I suppose that any physical injury would impede lovemaking to some extent. I have two forepaws, though, and other apparatus which needs no further description. (Well, it may need it, but it won't get it.) But this is a theoretical issue at the moment, alas.
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