Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Choofing [Somewhere over Choinxeia; 27 Trandary 4385]

As a sign of how utterly important and crucial I am to the success of our mission and the well-being of all on board, I would like to note that (a) I wasn't there, and (b) I didn't even find out about it 'til afterwards. All conversations are made up -- I mean, all conversations are usually made up to some degree, but this time I didn't even hear the original.

Zascalle brought her children Feralan and Ochirion to see Quendry, in the kitchen. The boys knew each other; they were playmates when Quendry visited Castle Wrong. Arfaen got Quendry to stop howling long enough to say hello.

Quendry:"Hello." [Howls more.]

Feralan:"Hello, Quendry. What are you good at?"

Quendry:"Nothing."[Howls more.]

Feralan:"That's a pretty funny noise you're making there, Quendry." Quendry just looked mournful, so Feralan continued, "But I've got affan in funny noises."

Quendry:[crying more]"You mean I can't howl any more? I can't help it! I can't stop howling! Nobody can help me stop howling! I am going to howl and howl!" [does so.]

Feralan:"Quendry, if you want to keep howling, you're going to have to choof me to get affan in making funny noises."

So Arfaen talked Quendry into choofing Feralan. Technically, that doesn't make sense. Feralan is Rassimel, not Cani, so he's not really choofable, and can't really hold affan. But close enough.

Feralan:"OK, we're going to have a funny noise contest. Whoever makes the funniest noise, wins."

About half the crew of Strayway, including all the Cani, were there watching, and were deemed to be adequate judges.

Feralan:"All right, here's my funny noise. Bloop-bloop-bloop!" He wiggled his hands and ears.

Quendry:"Bloop-bloop-bloop? Oh! Bloop ... Bloop ...!" He suddenly grinned, and shouted, "Bloop-boop POOP!"

And that caught the press of concerned adults by surprise, and several of them burst out laughing. Which, of course, they were planning to do one way or another anyways, but it was genuine.

Ensemble:"Bloop-boop poop! Bloop-boop poop!"

Feralan:"You win, Quendry! Everyone thinks that's the funniest sound!"

And, apparently, it is the funniest sound.

Quendry went bouncing around. "I have an affan! I have affan in funny sounds! Bloop-boop poop!"

My Role In The Matter

I was in the sorcerous library, discussing Matters of Grave Magical Importance with Vae (tiny six-dragonfly-winged snake, today) and Kantele (old Rassimel woman, generally). Specifically, we were discussing where Phaniet was, and guessing, wrongly, that she was getting some well-deserved private time with Este. Vae was a bit embarrassed. Kantele was not easy to embarrass when she was a young girl, and now she is an old woman and utterly shameless.

Thiane ran through the door. "Bloop-boop poop!" Thiane rarely uses such language.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Bloop-boop poop!"

Vae raised her head. "Oh! The diarrhea is upon you, and you know not the way to the toilet! The couch is the one to ask, not me!"

The couch proclaimed, "The third door on the left, painted a delicate and quite restful green color. I have no biological processes myself, but I am sure that the qualities of the room are most extraordinarily suitable for them! But hurry! The situation is urgent! Matters will quickly come to a head!" It squeaked agitatedly. "Rush, rush, zoom, zoom! I wish for no accidents upon my embroidery!"

We calmed the couch and the nendrai down, in that order, and interrogated Thiane.

"No, I'm just fine. But Quendry has affan in funny sounds, so you're going be hearing that one a lot." She explained, and Kantele and I rejoiced, and then we explained it to Vae, who didn't quite get it but flapped her wings happily anyways.

A commotion occurred outside. I looked out the library door. Half of the crew was parading down the corridor, Quendry leading, each one holding the tail of the one in front, chanting "bloop-boop poop!".

"Come, my mystical companions! We have important work to do!"

Vae didn't join, though. She is having a vacation from arms and legs, and in her serpentine form can't hold the tail in front of her and chant at the same time. She'd have to use some magic for one or the other. She muttered something about not having enough cley left (she can use cley in the usual way, but her insanely strong magic doesn't use cley). I think she didn't want to see who would dare hold her tail, and was making the first excuse that came to mind.

But it was a fun parade, twisting around in hallways that nobody has ever visited before, winding this way and that, and chanting Quendry's funny noises. We got lost, of course, and introduced ourselves to a long series of chairs with embroidered cushions on our way back. And Quendry was happily in charge of the whole adventure.

(I really must explore the whole of Strayway sometime. I built it in a convenient way, with created elementals doing most of the work; but I doubt that a tenth part of the ship has been seen by prime eyes yet. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the elementals had installed a swimming pool somewhere, or a jelly fountain or small conifer forest.)

In any case: bloop-boop poop for the win!

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