Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Second post today!

If you haven't read the previous entry, go read it now.

Snootloose, part 1 [somewhere over Choinxeia; 27 Trandary 4385]

Three hours later, Mellilot tapped on the cockpit door. "Sythyry? There's something you might be able to help with, if you'd like. About Quendry."

"What is it?" I popped out, leaving the wholly capable Windigar driving the antelopes.

"Quendry's upset about missing his rag doll Snootloose. He's upset about a lot of things, but he's never gone to sleep without Snootloose before. Could maybe you get Vae to zap Snootloose over to Strayway?" she asked.

"No, for about seven plus twelve reasons. Mostly we are not asking Vae for favors; it always somes out badly. Don't even think of that. She'd probably turn you into Snootloose or something!" I explained calmly. (By "calmly" I mean "flapping my wings so much that I lost feathers.")

"Oh, no... don't do that ... we'll figure out some way for him to go to sleep ... I just thought I'd ask ..." she said.

"Don't give up on Snootloose. Let's try something else," I said.

So we tried something else, after we tracked him down.

Me:"Rheng, you're a thief of sorts, among your other skills, are you not?"

Rheng:"We are outside any city now? I am an expert thief. We are inside a city? I know nothing of any stealing."

Me:"Could you go to Quendry's longhouse and steal Snootloose?"

Rheng:"Quendry is the howling boy of the whole world; I go to escape his howling. But what is Snootloose?"

Mellilot:(explain, explain)

Rheng:"For this expedition, I demand the hazard pay!"

Me:"You're going to a very civilized city to steal a used rag doll. What risk could there possibly be?"

Rheng:"I am Rheng; I am the thief supreme. Yet, what if I am discovered?"

Me:"You might have to pay ten times the value of the doll. I'll pay you back in advance." and tossed him a lozen.

Rheng:"I am Rheng; I am the thief supreme! There is no coin large enough to repair my reputation, if I steal the rag doll!"

Me:"Here's a bound Veil spell, and two good teleports. Think you can avoid getting caught?"

Rheng:"I am Rheng; I am the thief supreme!"

Me:"Go, then, Rheng." We made arrangements to pick him up, and other arrangements if the first ones failed.

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