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OOC - the World Tree novel

(Sythyry will be back in a couple days.) If all goes well, I’ll have finished a fair draft of a World Tree novel soon. (Predictably, for a gaming novel, it’s a love story, concerning three Herethroy who were married as children and have to figure out what to do about it as adults. Some other things happen too.) The setting and the style are a lot like Sythyry’s story, except that there is an actual plot and all like that. It’s a fairly low-key story: the world isn’t saved ‘cause it’s not in danger, the villain is performing her villainies for an excellent reason, and the characters sometimes go for weeks and weeks without risking any injury more serious than a scolding. It also needs a title, but that’s another matter. Anyways, now I want to know what you recommend that I do with the thing. Honest opinions this time, if you please. I’ll go back to begging for flattery later. . .

What should Bard do with the Herethroy Love Story Without A Name?

Send it to a big-name SF publisher, Roc or Baen or Tor, or something. Wait a long long time. Probably get rejected, since it’s pretty terribly weird by mass-market SF standards. But it’d be awfully cool if it worked.
Send it to Padwolf Press. Padwolf Press published the World Tree game, but that’s the first game they published; they’re ordinarily a little SF publishing house. They might well be happy with it.
Self-publish it (possibly after Padwolf rejects it) on paper. Sell it at cons and by mailorder from the World Tree web site.
Post it on the web somewhere: Bard is worth reading for free, but not for pay.
Something else: see the comments.

If there’s the choice, should it be illustrated?

Absolutely! I want to see all those funky creatures! I would pay a higher price for it illustrated, for I know that Bard pays for commissions personally.
If it’s convenient, an illustration or two would be good, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it.
Please don’t. Novels shouldn’t be illustrated.
Something else: see the comments.

How fast should Bard go?

Top speed! Get it done as soon as possible - - - and before anything else gets more important!
I want to have those other World Tree supplements you promised us, first!
Let it simmer as long as it needs. World Tree is worth waiting for.
Something else: see the comments.

Are you willing and able to read the draft and make comments on it? (This is you making an offer to Bard, not Bard making an offer to you. Bard appreciates all offers of help, but may not take them all - it will pick a small number of readers, based on whatever.)

I often read and comment on drafts of friends’ novels, and I’d love a crack at this one. The friends usually revise the novels based on what I say.
I read all the time, and I’m sure I could give some useful comments, and I enjoy Sythyry so I’d like to see it and I promise real hard to give comments.
Yes, I’d love to see it, but Bard should be aware that I have other stuff going on with my life and he shouldn’t bug me for comments.
No, I am not a good choice for a reader of drafts.
Something else: see the comments.
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