Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: #1/5

Dear ladyperegrine,

I wanted to get you something special and sparkly for your birthday. I couldn't find any suitably glittery jewelry, so I got you a nuclear war. It was on sale, actually. It's one of those miniature solar systems in a bottle that were so popular last year -- I am sorry to get you something so ordinary. But this one is just a little bit special. The world in it (Jalimos, I think it's called) has nuclear wars, several of them a year. The bottle has a radiophosphorescent coating, and when the bombs go flying, the bottle should glow and shine. The salesgod set off a small one outside the bottle, and the colors were beautiful. It should go with that stained glass thingie in your dining room, I'll bet.

I know that it's a somewhat ephemeral present. Next year, or the year after, Jalimos won't be habitable anymore. But I'm thinking that, about that time, Daniel will be causing supernovae in school, and the bottle's still going to be fine and radiophosphorescent, so he could probably use it.

Anyways. Much love to you and yours,


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