Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Surprise Cash [19 Thory 4262]

I woke up this morning cuddled up between a Herethroy and a bag of cash.

Me:"Hmm. Neither of these was precisely here when I went to sleep."

Mynthë:"Oh, no, I'm a Herethroy again."

Me:"Well, I like you as Herethroy almost as much as as Orren." Which is, oh, three parts true to two parts diplomatic. Zie's not quite a whole different person as an Orren, but zie's generally in a much better mood. And rather friskier.

Mynthë:"Oh, I'm so glad for some time off from it, I can't say."

Me:"Well, hopefully in a little while it stops costing me quite so much cley. Like, none."

Mynthë :"What...?" Zie looked rather sleepy still.

Me:"I'll be working on the Cloak of Another God Cloak in a few days. Three casts of the spell a day for no cley -- fifteen hours of Orrenness out of twenty-seven. Or more if I can arrange the power."

Mynthë :"Mmm, that'll be nice. I'll be your cofriend for life for a bit of that."


Mynthë :"How about 'lust pet'?"

Me:"If you like, but I kind of like 'boyfriend'. Or 'cofriend' if you'd rather."

Mynthë :"I'd happily change my species entirely. Changing sex, not so easy to think about."

Me:"Well, if you can figure out how to be a co-lover Orren, I will happily figure out what to do with you."

Mynthë :"There is that!"

Both of us:(never you mind!)

Mynthë:"Hey, what's that I'm lying on?"

Me:"Your bag?"

Mynthë :"I didn't bring a bag."

Me:"It's not my bag."

The bag in question was medium-sized, and made of dark green cloth, and had the symbol of the Malmiston Marketplace unlovingly embroidered on it. It rattled when a large Herethroy lay on it.

So of course we opened it. It was full of coins. Big coins, triangular [33 lozens] and round [100 lozens].

Mynthë :"Perhaps I regret claiming that it's not my bag. That's rather a lot of money. Where did it come from?"

Me:"I don't know. Did my banker send my whole allowance into my bedroom?" But that didn't make sense. "Oh, Malmiston. That explains it, I guess."

Mynthë:"Does it?"

Me:"My partner in crime lives in Malmiston."

Mynthë :"... What crime?"

Me:"Embezzling, mostly."

Mynthë :"Um ... Sythyry? I don't want to be a nag or a scold, but are you sure that's a good idea?"

Me:"The Duke told me to do it."

Mynthë :"He did? ... I guess that makes it a good idea. "

Me:"This is the same Duke who thinks it's a good idea for me to guard the city from a nendrai by means of sweetmeats and children's books, mind you."

Mynthë:"Sythyry? What is going on? What are you involved with?"

So I told her. "The Duke wants me to embezzle things from Vae. Really he wants me to set my own salary for protecting the city from her, and make me get the money from her so he doesn't have to pay me himself. Now, she's not going to pay me to keep the city safe from her. So I am supposed to get odd bits of loot from her, sell them, keep the money, report the money (to Moria's father), and count myself well-paid for my service to the city."

Mynthë :"I'm not quite sure that that sounds fair."

Me:"I'm not quite sure either, but I don't feel like emigrating just yet."

Mynthë :"Are you thinking about emigrating?"

Me:"Oh, great staring gods, yes. But I don't know that I can move far enough away to be worth it, really."

Mynthë :"How far would far enough be?"

Me:"Vae's lover Oixe lives halfway to the end of the branch. A hundred thousand miles away."

Mynthë :"That's a long trip."

Me:"Not for Vae. So there's no point in me moving just to Craitheia or something. I'd see Vae just as much, and leave all my friends."

Which lead to various other diversions, some of them including kissing. A bit later:

Mynthë :"I think we got distracted. Where did the bag of money come from?"

Me:"Oh, that. Vae stole a paper doll that the goddess Iraz Halix made. It's not a special kind of paper doll, not animate or divine or anything. She just visited a priest, and the priest's kid nephew asked if she wanted to make paper dolls, and she said yes."

Mynthë :"I imagine it was an impressive paper doll."

Me:"Well, the paper was torn more accurately than any mortal can tear paper. Aside from that, no, it wasn't a very good paper doll."

Mynthë:"So, is Iraz Halix after you now?"

Me:"I don't think so. Lord Eddarna -- Moria's father -- will be, if I'm not careful."

Mynthë :"How did the money get on the bed?"

Me:"I hired Thestra to sell the doll."

Mynthë :"I mean, how did it get on the bed? Where we had just been ..."

Me:"Thestra's pretty hard to keep out."

Mynthë :"So she knows about us...?" He sounded awfully alarmed. (Um, zie, not he. I'm getting confused here.)

Me:"She does anyways. She's one of my confidantes. Anoof is the other one, if you're curious."

Mynthë :"So this Cani that I don't even know thinks I'm traff?"

Me:"She's traff too. Her boyfriend is a very Sleeth Sleeth named Denaist."

Mynthë :"And Anoof is ...?"

Me:"Cisaffectionate, but tolerant."

Mynthë :"I don't have any confidantes."

Me:"They're good to have ... I'll try not to do anything too devastating until you've managed to find a couple."

Mynthë :[looking at the bag of money on the bed] "It might be a bit late for that."

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