Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Misdate [18 Thory 4262]

I hadn't seen Mynthë since I dropped zir/him off four days ago after we had a very nice time at the pool, so I went to zir home after work. Zie was there, and zir Cani roommate brought zir out to me. We sort of stared at each other nervously a bit. The Cani roommate, being Cani and thus more socially aware than all the Zi Ri and Herethroy in the city put together, delicately left the room.

Mynthë :"I'm so sorry, Sythyry."

Me:"It's fine ... I'm not pregnant ... "

Mynthë :"Pregnant? Oh, all staring gods, I could have gotten you pregnant! I never thought of that ..."

Me:"No, actually you couldn't have."

Mynthë :"It was just two of us ... I'm so stuck in Herethroy mind that I didn't even think about what being in a two-sexed species would mean. I am so sorry Sythyry."

Me:"I didn't think about it at the time either. I went into a bit of a panic about it later. "

So Mynthë went into a frenzy of self-hatred and tried to break up with me. I don't remember the words exactly, and they weren't very coherent anyways. "I'm so horrible ... I'm the worst Herethroy ever, and just as bad when I'm a biped ... I just used you, magic and body ... I don't blame you for dumping me, I'd dump me too."

Me:"I'm not dumping you!"

Mynthë :"You're stupid then."

Me:"Maybe. Maybe just desensitized. I just spent the afternoon trying to get a nendrai not to see a countess's surrogate baby. You're really not very intimidating compared to that." Not the most romantic thing to say, but frenzy of self-hatred isn't very romantic to me.

Mynthë :"Oh, you want me to be the bad guy and dump you. I deserve that..."

Me:"Actually I'd like you to calm down and come to Candledance with me." I had been planning somewhere nicer and more expensive, but I sort of got the impression that zie might explode on me and stomp out of dinner early. Which would work best for me if we're at a restaurant where you pay by the hour, rather than a prix-fixe menu, say. That's kind of an adventurer way to think about it, which should bother me but doesn't anymore.

Mynthë :"You'd be seen with me that way, Sythyry."

Me:"And you'd be seen with me."

Mynthë :"Everyone would think ... "

Me:"They'd think something that's generally true. Perhaps that I'm often found in the company of other species, or that I don't like to eat alone. Some people might even think that I am choosing a better grade of companion, since you're not Dustweed."

Mynthë:"Oh ... Dustweed ... if you can be seen with zir, I'm not much worse."

Me:"And considerably better company, I believe." I didn't actually completely believe it that instant, but my records say that zie usually is good company.

Mynthë :"Right then. I'll need a few minutes to get ready."

So I sat in the fire and waited for zir to go into the bathroom and splash a couple buckets of water over zirself, and come out looking all calm and collected. Then I rode zir shoulder to Candledance.

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