Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[15 Thory 4262]

After I finish the Cloak of Another God cloak, I will have to make some sort of device to get some privacy. Between Cani roommates, Sleeth friends, and nendrai associates, my life is an open book.

(Well. And the fact that I write about my life in a book that is open to many.)

Vae:"Sythyry? And what sort of adventure did you have yesterday?"

Me:"What makes you think I had an adventure yesterday? They're scheduled for every third day."

Vae:"And do they happen on schedule?"

Me:"Well, not just on schedule."

Vae:"And what was your adventure of yesterday? The smell of day-old fear and transformation magic is all about you. My stock in trade are these two things, so I know them well! And why are they on you today? Not a thing did I do to you yesterday!"

Me:"No, you didn't. You get out of having The Conversation now."

Vae:"Minor, minor is that side benefit! Now you must tell me what befell you!"

Me:"I'd rather not."

Vae clapped her forepaws, and turned the sound into a tower of thick violet smoke. Glowing grey eyes peered out of the smoke at me. Lots of them.

Me:"What's that about?"

Vae:"Not greatly do I enjoy being thwarted on this topic!"

Me:"It's really none of your business." Which is, I think, exactly so far as I think it is safe to push Vae.

Vae:"Nobody shall torment you thus save me, on my territory!"

Me:"Nobody was tormenting me."

Vae:"The lie!"


Vae:"The lie! The lie, is that nobody was tormenting you! Who, who?"

Oh, right. Denaist did some secondary torment. I'm not utterly happy with him, but siccing a nendrai on him is rather too much.

Me:"Well, I did most of it myself. A friend teased me a bit, is all."

Vae:[growing to twenty feet tall, which is utterly excessive for towering over a Zi Ri]"And who was this friend?"

Well, goading Vae into a fury is really a bad idea. The last time I did that she broke several of my ribs.

Me:"Well, I turned into an Orren, and, um, thought I got myself pregnant. My friend was teasing me about it."

Vae:"And was this friend a nendrai or another great beast?"

Me:"No, a prime."

Vae turned into into a small green snake.

Vae:"The far better thing is that. The worry was on me that Oixe was slithering into my territory, to do something I know not what! The planning of some party for me, perhaps, and torturing my personal tastes out of you."

Me:"Next time, why not ask, 'Was it Oixe?' instead of that staring smokey thing?"

Vae:"Not so readily would you tell me!"

Me:"I promise I'll tell you about another nendrai. Or anything close. " (If I can, of course.)

Vae:"The better way is that! And one more thing must I know..."

Me:"Well, what?"

Vae:"And do primes not get pregnant each time you have sex?"

Me:"... no ..."

Vae:"But in my books..."

Me:"Really. No."

Vae:"Not traff loves, this much I know, and not Zi Ri. But most primes, they should...?"

So I found myself explaining basic reproductive biology to Vae more, and basic traff philosophy too.

I really don't like my job.

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