Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cloaked of Another Gods [14 Thory 4262]

Mynthë makes a very handsome Orren boy. Approximately five-nineteenths of zir/his handsomeness is zir/his exuberant glee at being Orren. [Sythyry switches from hyphenated Herethroy-Orren pronouns to plain Orren pronouns here, so I'm going to switch to plain male ones. -bb] He was constantly craning his neck and wiggling his tail in sinusoidal ways that Orren can and Herethroy can't. He was half-dancing all the way to Beelbarrel Pond.

I wasn't. I'm better at having only two legs than when I started. (Mynthë has four legs naturally as well, but zie also has two legs -- Herethroy are comfortable either way -- and I imagine zie usually walks on two in imitation of zir preferred species. Well, I think that most Herethroy in the city are usually on two legs ... maybe twice as often as on four? I should investigate that!) But I am still not that good at being bipedal. Or to being huge, in the sense that nearly everyone else is huge. Or to having beautiful and functional breasts on my chest, which don't help for balance either.

But I did catch Mynthë a couple times in the street to abuse cisaffectionate privelage snog him in public. Orren-kissing-Orren is not quite as potent for me when I'm one of the Orren in question. (Sometime, when I am exceedingly good at Tempador magic, I will twist time around and be both of the Orren, and we'll see who's fooling who.)

Mynthë:[whispered]"Should we be displeased at all this cissy-kissy?"

Me:"I am still technically Zi Ri. You are not Zi Ri in any recension. So it's not cissy."

Mynthë:"I accept your disputation! Especially since you are so careful to avoid calling me Herethroy."

Me:"Since it has been accepted, is further osculation also acceptable?"

Mynthë:"It is wholly within the scope of my current policy!"

Kissing in the street -- I mean, of course, that kind of kissing -- is so spooky. If it had been me and Mynthë undisguised, or me and Jinthinia, or me and Ilottat, or me and any of my various crushes, many people would have been staring. If it were, say, Thestra and Denaist, people would be Talking, and, perhaps, casting aspersions or troublesome spells. For a cisaffectionate couple of, apparently, a boy Orren and a girl Orren of no particular social or financial status (we had some rather basic clothing scrounged from here or there) -- nothing. Barely a second glance.

Of course, if I had been watching, I would have been Watching. Because, hey, Orren snogging. But most people haven't that bit of style.

Of course the pond was pretty crowded, since it was a warm afternoon. Dozens and dozens of water-form Orren swimming hither and thither. We weren't the only courting couple, not by a long way. When I stared a bit too much, Mynthë nipped my tail.

Well, I was happy enough to restrict my attention to him.

We didn't catch anything. Not any fish, at least. We caught each other...

We were chasing each other around a bubbleblaze, and he snagged my paw, and dragged me to the surface. "I was planning to wait a few weeks for this, but ... did you notice that stand of pondweed, where that couple went to hide behind for a bit?"

Me:"I wasn't looking at other couples. Not after the first bit, anyways."

Mynthë:"That's OK ... some of them had a good idea. We should have discussed this a lot more ... maybe we still should ... but ... well ... would you like to, well ... there's a lot of very private places at the bottom of the pond I think ... and, well, we can hold our breaths for a third of an hour now ... and ... that could be long enough ... "

One doesn't always need to have a Cani nose to tell what a male mammal intends.

Me:"That sounds wonderful!"

Mynthë:"I know it's a very strange situation ... I guess really we shouldn't ... but ... it's ... well, actually ... that is to say ... rather ... oh, I'm all tangled up of words now."

Me:"Well, did you mean your invitation, or not? Now or later or never, all these choices are acceptable to me. Though I might have a preference actually." (Preference actually was 'later, like maybe when we got home.', but Orren are flexible.)

Mynthë:"I didn't mean to mean it, you know. I mean, you're a hero, you deserve a bigger sort of seduction and courtship ... for the first time ... I can't compete with Ilottat but I can do better than drag you to the public pond ... I'd ... could ... well ... never mind ... I mean ... you'll probably think I'm a complete cad for even mentioning this and you'll be absolutely right ... I'm sorry ... "

Me:"Shh, shh. Is it still what you want?"

Mynthë:" ... yes ... "

Me:"Breathe deeply then! You'll need it!"

And he looked a bit more eager, just because he was in a body which could swim that way, I presume.

The only detail I'm willing to share is that boy and girl Orren bodies fit together very, very nicely. I am politically offended by this fact (even if it was very very nice at the time). Cissy couples (or triads for Herethroy), and especially viable cissy couples, get all the social and legal advantages anyways. It is absolutely no fair that it feels better for them too. (That's maybe not the right way to say it. It feels just as good, only it's a lot more convenient than if, say, your lover's got an ovipositor and you don't have anywhere good for an ovipositor to go.)

Oh, and the other detail: We're pretty sure that some other Orren knew what we were up to, same way we knew what some other other Orren were up to, but didn't much care. Another bit of cissy privelege there. Disguised as pond etiquette.

Then, of course, we got out of the pool and went to sit in a private booth in Cafe du Fronde, intending to discuss Relationship Things. But we got sidetracked by all sorts of things, and didn't get much past agreeing that we were now Having A Relationship and we'd better talk relationshiply things more pretty soon.

I invited him to stay the night with me, but he didn't want me to go to bed with him in a shape he likes, and wake up with zir back in zir despised natural body. Which wouldn't bother me one bit, but it bothers him/zir.

So I walked him home, and said good-night in a very very nice and somewhat sticky way that took well more than an hour, and ...

... then I had a lot of time on my hands, because my Cloak of Another God can last a while, and I ...

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