Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Morally Questionable Day [14 Thory 4363]

It's either entirely innocent or entirely wicked, and I'm not quite sure which.

The Seductive Whispering in the Shadows

I scouted -- I hunted -- I flew over the quadrangle -- I saw my prey leaving Sprowlween Hall -- I circled -- I descended -- I pounced!

Me:"Good morning, Mynthë!"

Mynthë:"Good morning, Sythyry. I was wondering whether I'd scared you off."

Me:"After one has been killed by a nendrai, lesser perils hold little terror. Indeed, the prospect of inviting a sweet friend to spend the late afternoon utterly fails to chill my blood any-the-more."

Mynthë:"Wait ... Vae killed you?"

Me:"No, not Vae. A male N. Violens, off in the Nereidscray. Named Llethillasessat."

Mynthë:"How did that happen?"

So I got to boast at zir for a bit, and get interrogated with questions about nendrai territoriality and romance which, despite watching Vae and Lleth, I mostly didn't know the answer to. A third of an hour later...

Me:"Late afternoon is Orren-only hour at Beelbarrel Pond. "


Me:"Let's go!"

Mynthë:"But it's Orren-only hour ... oh. OH! "

Me:"Yes -- that kind of Oh!"

Mynthë:"Both of us?"



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