Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: I lost a prophecy.

At Anthrocon, there was a writer in Artist's Alley on Saturday (and he was tending the gaming room Saturday night, too).  I vaguely think his badge name was Deviant Terra.    He was offering written stuff for a fee, just the way most Alley artists offer 2-d art for a fee.  I was interested, and ordered a prophecy from him.    He was delighted, and zoomed off and wrote it ... and sent it to my personal email, at  

Now, I periodically have trouble with, and I'm pretty sure it ate the prophecy.  (I don't think that Deviant Terra finked out on me -- he was chattering excitedly about how much fun he'd had with the commission and all)

Anyways ... any clue about other contact info for Devient Terra? (I have a RLname for him from the reciept, but I haven't found it with him, and I hesitate to give out RLnames so casually.)   

If anyone knows him and would rather give him a message from me than give me his contact info, my message is: "Sorry, the email I gave you didn't work.  Leave a comment on, or write to bard at bestweb dot net instead. Thanks!"
And thanks to you too.
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