Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Down To Business [13 Thory 4262]

Two-thirds of an hour later, Thestra was sober enough to pronounce it "you" not "yoooooo". So it was time to get down to business.

Me:"Thestra, I would like to ask a favor of you."

Thestra:"That's it, we're leaving."

Me:"Yeep? Did I offend you?"

Thestra:"Yes! Horribly!"

I prepared to fly off or apologize, but she grabbed my tail and towed me out of Across Saga thrashing wildly.

Thestra:"I don't like discussing business in there. Too many people are interested in my business. They say it gives traffs a bad name. Ridiculous. We've already got a bad name."

Me:"OK! I mean, I didn't say it was business."

Thestra:"Oh, so you're trying to seduce me?"

So I sort of flapped around frantically -- she was still towing me around by my tail. "I didn't make a pass at you!"

Thestra:"That's fine. I'm sure Denaist will get around to you sooner or later."

Me:"Ack! You can't be angry at me about something I didn't do yet!"

Thestra:"You mean you'd take him up on it?"


Thestra:"Why not? What's wrong with him? Are you saying I have bad taste in lovers, Sythyry?"

Me:"... no ... i didn't say that at all ..."

Thestra:"Then please stop insulting my boyfriend and tell me what you've got in mind."

Me:"I didn't... "

Thestra:"Well, you'd better kiss me hard enough to make me forget it then!"

At which point Thestra scooted around a corner and threw her cloak around me. I sort of struggled some, and she dragged me a lot more. By the time I got my head free, we were on a redwood-shingled roof of a house, mostly shaded by arken trees.

Thestra:"OK! All better!"

Me:"I'm supposed to kiss you...?"

Thestra:"Technically, anyone who was snooping on us expects you to be kissing me, and more, right about now. Like Matteo the Snag, back in the street there. So we can talk about your business matter and nobody will expect it to be business."

Me:"Will Denaist be upset if he finds out?"

Thestra:"Denaist had better not complain, even if we were!"

Me:"Um ... are you still drunk?"

Thestra:"Not too drunk to climb a tree in two seconds flat."

Me:"Business now ... right?"


So I told her about my Very Valuable Paper Doll of the Gods.

Thestra:"Oh, Sythyry, whyever did you think it was a good idea to walk into a store and accuse the management of dealing in stolen goods?"

Me:"I didn't walk. And they do deal in stolen goods."

Thestra:"No, no, no. That's not how it's done at all."

Me:"Right. Could I hire you to sell it for me?"

Thestra:"Oh, hire?"

Me:"I expect I'll be doing this a few more times. And I'd rather not be very involved if I could avoid it." Also, Thestra can use the money.

Thestra:Detailed technical questions?

Me:Incoherent barely-understood answers! Except that she gets a ninth of the price.



Thestra:"You'll get a really low price if you need to sell it that fast."

Me:"Oh, I thought you meant 'when can you start'. I'm not in much hurry on getting the money."

Thestra:"That's easier that way."

So we made some arrangements, and I did get that kiss, and we slunk down off the roof and back to Parapidge Street, where Matteo the Snag was playing pacers with a rough-looking Rassimel. He gave Thestra a disgusted kind of look.

Thestra:"It's fine to be a thief, they say, but you'd better not be a perverted thief or you'll ruin the reputation of the whole profession. Hmph. Everyone despises me for something, anymore. If it's not thief or traff, it's cuckold or lower-class or poor or selling cley. I've got like six friends who don't despise me. 's why you get the good rates, y'know?"

Me:Understanding diplomatic friendly comments!


I'm not going to think too much about that "selling cley" comment, though. I don't want to lose the good rates.

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