Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Getting Professional Help [13 Thory 4262]

After proving to myself that I have not the slightest idea how to sell stolen goods ... well, more accurately, after saying to myself, "Oh, my, Sythyry, you have not the slightest idea how to sell stolen goods" ... it became instantly clear that I should go collect a friend who, one is forced to assume, does have the slightest idea how to sell stolen goods.

So I tracked her down to Across Saga -- where I have not been in some while, actually -- and interrogated her.


Thestra:"Oh, it's a lizard! Hi, lizard!"

Me:"Hello yourself, biped!"

Thestra:"Yoooooo have feathers!"

Me:"I do, indeed, have feathers."

Thestra:"Yooooooo don't have feathers when you're Blueshell!"

Me:"Well, I haven't been Blueshell in a while."

Thestra:"Yooooooo should!"

Me:"My current maybe-she'll-be-a-sweetie-soon is Herethroy, so I probably won't."

Thestra:"Yoooooo caught a buggie?"

So I told her about Mynthë for a while, and got her somewhat sobered up by the insidious means of buying her fancy flavored kathia beverages (kathia, foamed milk, powdered sweet fish, and dried flaked cherries) and food (grilled cheese sandwich, apple stuffed with salted eel).

Oh, and complaining about Jinthinia. Jinthinia and Denaist just had A Thing. It was a pretty good Thing, as Things go. Actually it was an adventure sort of Thing: two days of scouting around the near Verticals to try to find an old fort sort of thing that had gotten lost. (OK, the fort didn't get lost. The records listed the fort as being "by the burnt grove" and a couple other such landmarks. Now it's a couple centuries later and the burnt grove isn't looking burnt any more, etc.) Anyways, Jinthinia and Denaist had a fairly good time, especially when the found the fort early in the second day and amused each other in the open air 'til late in the second day.

Which isn't really that unusual for Denaist, and Jinthinia is of course free to do whatever she wants. And Thestra isn't all that upset. But she did have a bit more wine than usual... though a Zi Ri ear is just as good as wine for that sort of thing.

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