Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Conversation [12 Thory 4262]

The three of us were sitting in a little bench in Ghaln-Yastrou Park, Mynthë, and the paper doll made by a goddess, and me. The doll wasn't nervous.

Mynthë:"I've been dating you under false pretenses. I'm very sorry."

Me:"Are you trying to take back the time you tied the ribbon on me, and we kissed a bit?"

Mynthë:"Well, not that exactly."

My:"Or are you trying to divorce me after we've been married for eighty-three years. Oh, and after we twisted the Duke's tail 'til he made an exception in the Vheshrame laws to let us get married in the first place?"

The doll:"..."

Mynthë :"... what? ... Sythyry, I'm trying to say something important. Don't be flippant."

Me:"I'm not being flippant. I'm being oblique. Fine, you're cisaffectionate, you just wanted to kiss a lizard once or twice, you've tried it, you don't like it, you've confirmed that you're really cisaffectionate, and you want to Just Be Friends. Well, it's the first time it's happened to me that way, but it won't be the last. And at least you figured it out pretty fast, like before we'd made any promises to each other."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"I'm not cisaffectionate ... well ... maybe ... but not ..."

Me:"This is where I'm supposed to forgive you for breaking my heart, right? Sorry, won't do it. Heart not broken. I'll forgive you for maybe chipping it a little, but if you really want to break my heart, you have to at least sleep with me first. Or take more than, what is it, five days we've known each other? I'm small, Zi Ri are. I'm not fragile. Especially not emotionally."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"Um ... I'm glad I didn't break your heart ... I'm not trying to stop dating you, even ... "

Me:"You're trying to date me and pretend to be cisaffectionate? Did I ever tell you about my first boyfriend? He did that. I can certainly understand that, there are plenty of reasons for not wanting everyone to know you're traff. But I've got to say, nothing kills a romantic evening like starting it off saying 'I'm not really attracted to people like you.'"

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"Fine. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm actually attracted to you. I like fur better than chitin. Scales and feathers kind of confuse me."

Me:"That's not much of a confession. I'm not exactly sure about chitin myself, though I certainly agree about fur. I think that the point of spending a while dating, instead of hopping into bed right away, is so that we can start to sort that kind of thing out before anyone's heart gets too broken."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"No, no, not that!"

Me:"What part of 'Scales and feathers kind of confuse me.' did you not mean, or, perhaps, did I misinterpret horribly?"

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"No, I meant that, I mean, they're pretty to look at, but that's not what I'm talking about."

Me:"Then may I confess myself wholly at a loss about what you are talking about? Indeed, I am under a vast heap of confusions, except that a very large uncertainty is standing on my left wing, and I believe that that might be a flock of perplexions on my tail. But there is a very large and very opaque mystery in the way, so I cannot see for sure."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"I mean, I'm ... rather weird. Even by traff standards."

Me:"No. I don't think that 'unable to explain onesself' is particularly weird by traff standards. Nor cissy standards either."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"I'm trying!."

Me:"I am listening. Both ears are open; neither is clogged with wax, nor, yet, with a paste of flour and gum tragacanth."

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"I don't like being Herethroy."

The doll:"..."

Me:"Beg pardon?"

Mynthë:"I don't like being Herethroy. I want to be one of the furry species, Orren or Rassimel I guess. I don't just not like being with Herethroy when I make love, I don't even want any Herethroy in the room. Including me."

The doll:"..."

Me:"Oh. Why didn't you say so before?"

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"It's not very easy to say."

Me:"I suppose not. That's a new one on me.... well ... almost new." I stared at zir with the Eye of Mirizan and Melizan, but zie's not a transformed anything.

Mynthë:"So I don't think I'm exactly traff. I'd be glad to have a same-species lover, y'know? If that species were Orren or Rassy."

The doll:"..."

Me:"That's not really traff ... I don't know what that is."

Mynthë:"It's horrible."

Me:"I suppose so ... "

Mynthë :"Just don't tell anyone, please?"

The doll:"..."

Me:"I won't."

Mynthë:"I know what you're thinking. That I just want to be with you to get a ready supply of Cloak of Another God spells. ... That's not exactly false. I'd been thinking that a lot. I'll stop bothering you now." Zie got up and started to walk away.

The doll:"..."

I flew after her, carefully leaving the ridiculously valuable paper doll on the bench. "Come back! We're not finished with The Conversation yet!" And after a bit I lured her back to the bench, where the doll had neither been stolen nor blown away.

Me:"Would you like to go to a puppet show and dinner tomorrow night?"

Mynthë:"... Are you teasing me more? ..."

Me:"No, I'm trying to invite you out on a date."


Me:"Date. Like yesterday, only a bit more earthy." (Though it could be a lot more earthy, if we go to one of those puppet shows.)

Mynthë:"Are you sure?"

Me:"Pretty sure. And not just because you told me how to get you in bed for three cley." (Orren kissing Orren are hot.)

The doll:"..."

Mynthë:"Well ... sure."

The Moral: When someone's trying to make a confession to you, let them talk.

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