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A Boot to the Bed

Nothing interesting is happening to me. Everyone else gets something interesting.

Real-Eel is not interesting ... Real-Eel is not interested ... Real-Eel is on to more promising passtimes than flirting with the Small Blue Cave Lizard.

(That's my nickname in the whole spelunking class now. My mistake! There was one chute to descend, where Herethroy could go down one way but you really need six limbs to climb it properly that way, and other people needed to take the longer shallower way 'round, so the teacher shouted, "Herethroy here, mammals over there!" I shouted back, "What about me?" She yelled, "Small Blue Cave Lizards, fly down near the Herethroy and do try not to sneeze anyone on fire." But never mind that.)

Tethezai is happening to Dustweed. Tethezai, it seems, is thoroughly transaffectionate -- she only dates outside her own species, and, evidently, best if it's a gender that her species doesn't even have. (Small Blue Cave Lizards are, it seems, not to her taste, which is fine with them, because they'd rather date Orrens ... or other Zi Ri if that worked at all. But never mind that either.)

Tethezai has been flirting with the Large Blue Starred Dust Insect, as nobody ever has called Dustweed. One might suppose that Tethezai got interested in Dustweed after painting zir naked ... but I've seen Dustweed naked dozens of times, and zie's really nothing to look at. Not even with the paint. But never mind that either. Dustweed is looking like a scawn who just met a Sleeth. I think zie's happy... I don't think anyone's ever flirted at zir before. I sure wouldn't.

On the other side of the apartment, All Is Not Well. Thery was distracted when she got home last night -- presumably by Yarwain -- and tossed her outer clothing all over their room. Her left boot ended up on Havune's bed. It was not removed two hours later when Yarwain left and Havune was allowed back in that room.

Havune is rather particular about precisely who and what is allowed on his bed. An equestrian boot is, it seems, not an appropriate bedmate, for Havune -- in his (possibly biased) opinion. This boot in particular had been inadequately cleaned, rendering it a less pleasant bedmate than many. Havune expressed his displeasure! Loudly!

Thery replied that she had been unavoidably distracted, and that she intended to (1) remove the boot, (2) clean the boot, and (3) clean the pillowcase. However, she felt it appropriate to (0) first let Havune into the room, since she had kept him out of it for most of the evening. She asserted that she could have done (1)-(3) before (0), but only at the cost of keeping Havune out for longer.

Havune expressed uncertainty as to why his bed should ever have been graced with the boot. And his pillow in particular! His sensitive Cani nose would be assaulted as he strove to sleep, by the stench of the street and the stable.

Well, the argument assaulted my none-too-sensitive Zi Ri ears at considerable length. Finally, and a "finally" somewhat after midnight, Dustweed glowered at them and shut them up. Well, they bickered quietly enough for us to sleep ... but the next morning they were at it again. I wish they'd stop hissing and bristling every time they see each other. A bit of peace would be awfully nice at this point. It doesn't seem currently available though.

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