Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Spear Mint [11 Thory 4262]

Being the bold and wily adventurer that I am Prof. Dargwyn wants me to be, I lay in wait outside the Classroom of the Seven Singing Obstetricians in the early afternoon. It's in the Formerly Medicine Hall, which is now mostly occupied by the natural sciences. And, in the early afternoon, it is where Mynthë has a seminar on Anatomy and Culture of the Blee.

And, indeed, I found my quarry there, soon enough.

Me:"Good afternoon, Mynthë!"

Mynthë:"Oh! Hello, Sythyry. How's the day treating you?"

Me:"So far, so good. I got permission from Prof. Alzagond to abandon that annoying Amulet of Plural Escapage and do something more fun."

Mynthë:"What's that?"

Me:"The Amulet casts Fleeing in All Directions. That's a very adventurer sort of spell -- it makes illusionary copies of me that run away. ~Mother~ wanted me to work on something that made me safer. Not that I can imagine it helping me against Vae."

Mynthë:"What was so annoying about it?"

Me:"It takes three successful weeks of enchantment. I've been working on it for four weeks, and not one successful one yet. Which happens now and then, especially with a Duke around, but it's not very pleasing. Oh, and I don't even want to wear the thing."

Mynthë:"What's the next plan?"

Me:"Ordinarily enchanters don't talk about that!"

Mynthë:"I didn't know."

Me:"We're a tight-mouthed collegium of insidious arcanists! Or, at least, we change the details of our workings often enough that it's better not to say what we're doing, just what we've done."

Mynthë:"Well! I withdraw the question!"

Me:"Actually, though, I'm going to tell you. 'Cause I'd like to ask your help on it!"

Mynthë:"Am I in serious, doomful trouble? Your next project needs some bonstable horns, and you want an expert in civilized monsters to come help you get some?"

Me:"Bonstable horns ... I hadn't thought of that."

Mynthë:"I hope you're not serious about that. I don't want to go among bonstables -- that's not very safe!"

Me:"Nothing so adventury as that! I just need you to wear something for a day."

Mynthë:"You're being evasive about it -- it must be embarrassing. Is it a sign saying "I'm traff, kiss me!"?"

Me:"No, not exactly..."

Mynthë:"Or maybe awkward. A wooden sculpture of a pelican as big as I am, like Avvorio had to carry around in that epic poem?"

Me:"No, not exactly..."

Mynthë:"Or maybe dangerous. Nine soup bowls full of blazing oil, in a stack?"

Me:"No, not exactly..."

Mynthë:"I'm utterly out of ideas! Or at least out of traditional three silly guesses. What is it?"

Me:"I don't have it yet -- I'm still getting it made. It's a cloak, a short one 'cause I need to wear it too. It's dyed white on the top, shading to black on the bottom, and it's trimmed with ermine fur. It's got six ornamental silver-and-ivory buttons in a circle at the throat, around the one actual button that holds it closed, which is just ivory."

Mynthë:"That's very, um, specific. What will it do?"

Me:"And I'm going to pass it around among my friends before I start the enchantment. Mostly it'll be easy to find suitable wearers among my friends. I might have to ask Prof. Vengtomerax though; I had a class with her once. Loukerax owes me, but I don't know where to find him."

Mynthë:"What ... oh! You're making a Cloak of Another God cloak?"

Me:"Got it in one!"

Mynthë:"Got it in four, anyways! That's wonderful! I'd be so glad to help. ... Who's your Khtsoyis though?"

Me:"Delframber. My ex-boyfriend's wife's boyfriend. He sort of owes me a favor."

Mynthë:"I don't know him ... I didn't know there were any Khtsoyis at the Academy, actually."

Me:"He's not at the Academy. He's in Daukrhame. I don't know any Vheshrame Khtsoyis."

Mynthë:"Neither do I really. Still, that sounds like a truly wonderful enchantment. A pretty hard one though -- I've been studying Corpador and Mutoc, and I don't think I could cast it even. Not so sure about affording it, either."

Me:"I'm taking Sorcery in a Present Time." (Which is code for 'I'm an adventurer', or 'I'm a student-adventurer trying to take full advantage of the fact.)

Mynthë:"Well, that's wonderful! I'm delighted to be your Herethroy Of Choice to help out."

Me:"You're my Herethroy of Choice for lots of things! ... Um ... could I ask a sort of hard question?"

Mynthë:"I ... guess so. Is it the kind of question where we'll need a private room for?"

Me:"That depends on the answer, I guess."

And that curled zir antennae rather more than I had intended it to.

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