Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Seeing Me Off To Work! [9 Thory 4262]

Since it was an every-third-day, I went to work. Since I have been so skittish and crumbulous lately, Strenata was waiting by the Halflight Gate. (Not 'in case I panicked and ran away and the nendrai destroyed the city', that was mostly last week. Just in case.) I'm pretty used to that.

What I'm not used to is, so was Mynthë.

Me:"Hello, Mynthë! What brings you here?"

Mynthë:"It's an easy place to find you, for one thing."

Me:"Oh, good. I was lost, and afraid I'd never be found again!"

Mynthë:"Prof. Wynge does have that effect on people!"

Seeks-Asparagus:"Oh, heavens, we'd better get to writing that paper, hadn't we?"

Mynthë:"What's it about again?"

Me:"About how getting gifts from pseudo-primes from other universes hurts nendrai."

Mynthë:"It does?"

Me:"Fiarel's boyfriend did it, and it did."

Mynthë:"Does it work with pseudo-primes from this universe too? Norren, say, or meersnar?"

Me:"What are those?"

Mynthë:"I'll tell you after work! I think you'd better go nendrai-tending now, right?"

Me:"Better not to be late for that."

Which lead to...

Tongue Tricks

Vae:"Hiio, Sythyry! The smell of hope is all on you!"

Me:"Um, hope?"

Vae:"And are you in love again?"

Me:"I ... don't think so."

Vae:"And did another foreign Orren noble seduce you?"

Me:"No, nothing like that."

Vae:"And did another shameridden common Orren get seduced by your wealth and power?"

Me:"No, nothing like that. No seduction at all, actually."

Vae:"And what kind of Orren is it, then?"

Me:"A Herethroy kind of Orren, and I don't know that we're doing anything more than just the one very innocent date."

Vae:"The smell of excitement is not so weak on you! Not a hint did I have that anyone but Orren would do that to you."

Me:"I'm traff, I can fall in love with any other species. I guess I'm working on Herethroy next."

Vae:"Not so for me! The same species as me is what I am working on. The boy though I must be to do it!"

So I gave her her trinkets of the day -- some candied cauliflower, a rather-dull-but-at-least-contains-no-nendrai book of Cani dominance stories, and an ivory pickle twirler from Inihithre. (Last week I had failed to properly screen the books, and one of featured Blue Trumgullion. Who is a probably-mostly-fictional five-headed blue nendrai and popular meanie. Vae was not pleased.) And averted my eyes, and we both pretended that the physical basis of our relationship is meaningless and a mere unfortunate divine curse or something. Which is is.

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