Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cafe du Fronde [8 Thory 4262]

By this hour, Cafe du Fronde was fairly busy, so Mynthë sat at the bar, and I sat on the bar. Zie ordered a bowl of assorted pickles, and a plate of grilled carrots in cinnamon-cheddar sauce, and refused the inevitable offer of plue and tarrissy. I ordered my usual quarter of a shrimp and chub-beetle salad, which is more than I wanted, but they really shouldn't have to make a smaller one than that.

After they took our order, we stared at each other a while. Mynthë was nervous. I, as you surely know, am a creature of magnificently adequate aplomb and social grace. Or at least, I had already done my nervoussome thing for the day (viz. run, or at least ~run~, the Traff Student Association meeting). Mynthë was evidently doing zirs, or one of them anyways.

"Some day I'm going to open up a restaurant for Zi Ri and their friends. All the food will come in Zi Ri sizes." I said.

Mynthë laughed nervously. "How would that work?"

"Anyone larger can order ten appetizers and fifteen entrees," I said.

"That would make it like a tasting restaurant. That could be fun! You'd need a pretty big vegetable menu if you have any Herethroy customers, though. At least if you expect them to order all different things."

"Or, for a small extra fee, get turned into a Zi Ri for long enough to eat one appetizer and one entree. While levitating." I added.

Mynthë's eyes lit up. "Oh, I'd love that! How would you manage it though? You'd run out of cley pretty soon."

"Oh, I'll have to enchant a cloak to cast Cloak of Another God to do it. I should be able to manage it in a year or two," I said. Which is true, even though it sounds rather arrogant.

"It's a hard spell. I've been trying to study Mutoc and Corpador for it, but I couldn't cast it if I got it yet," zie said. "How old are you, if I can ask?"

"Younger than you, if you're a grad student," I said.

"It's a hard spell though! Isn't the enchantment harder. Oh -- do you have some family secrets or something?"

"All my family secrets got into the standard textbooks a thousand years ago. It's a hard spell, but I'm rather an adventurer these days. Nendrai three times a week and all that." I can't believe I said that. It sounds so arrogant. So, well, like a very grown up Zi Ri.

Zie waved zir antennae and grinned. "That's kind of impressive. I don't know what to ask about first, the Cloak or the nendrai."

"Well, Cloak is pretty commonplace, so ..."

"OK -- have you ever gotten to use Cloak yourself?"

I grinned and said, "Pretty often!" And told zir about the first time I used it and forgot to wear clothes. Which amused zir a lot, so I told about the time I screwed up water form.

Then, since I do have a manner (or two on good days), I asked zir to tell me about zirself.

"Well, I'm the fifth child of Great Baron Sparknard, I'm from Ulmarn."

"Oh! Do you know Yarwain?" I asked, since he's another Spawn of a Great Baron of Ulmarn.

"Little Yarwain. Yes. I'm six years his elder, which mattered a lot more when we met. I can't believe he's got a child," zie said.

"A child, but no degree any time soon. Thery neither."

"You know Thery? I've only met her about twice," said Mynthë.

Well, I shared an apartment with Thery before she moved in with Yarwain, so I told many Thery stories, and listened to many Yarwain stories, and we ate things that tasted reasonably good. I put dinner on my food allowance from ~mother~, not that the child of a Great Baron can't afford zir own dinner.

And by then it was getting very late, so zie walked and I rode on zir shoulder. Zie lives only three blocks from me, conveniently.

"Can I ask you a difficult and personal question?" I asked zir.

"You have my permission, but you won't find too many harder questions in Ketherian than that one!" zie said.

"How about 'Why are you inserting three of my rarest and most expensive magic items into two of my spouse's most personal orifices?'" I had to ask.

Zie giggled. "OK, that one is harder. But if that's what you're going to ask, I'm going to have to answer, 'I didn't know you were married!'"

"I'm not married!" I said.

"Then you must be hallucinating even harder than I thought at first!" zie said.

"Well, actually I had a different question. Viz., was this a date?"

Zie whispered, "We're young, we're traff, we're aristo, we're different species. So, yes."

So I kissed zir quickly, or maybe zie kissed me quickly, on the lips and a little bit between them, in the shadows of some paragranthus bushes so that nobody much could see. And went off to our homes.

More cheerful than I've been in days, for me at least!

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