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Glossary and Dramatic Personae

A quick and casual glossary and dramatis personae for Sythyry's journal so far. Sorry about the lack of sorting.
Name Summary Details
Cani Prime Species Dogfolk. See the World Tree web page
Gormoror Prime Species Bearfolk. See the World Tree web page
Herethroy Prime Species Cricketfolk (3 genders: male, female, co-lover). See the World Tree web page
Khtsoyis Prime Species Aerial cephalapods. See the World Tree web page
Orren Prime Species Otterfolk. See the World Tree web page
Rassimel Prime Species Raccoon folk. See the World Tree web page
Sleeth Prime Species Non-anthropomorphic panther folk. See the World Tree web page
Zi Ri Prime Species Miniature dragons. (one sex: hermaphrodite) See the World Tree web page
Sythyry Zi Ri student The fictional author of this journal. Zie is about thirty World Tree years old (twenty Earth years)
Vheshrame City A big, important city-state, where most of the action takes place, and where Sythyry is going to school
Hezimikkinen Zi Ri Hezimikkinen and Sythyry are siblings. Hezimikkinen is several centuries older.
Choinxeia World-Branch The world-branch (equivalent of "continent" on the World Tree) that Vheshrame is on
Teapot Street Street Where Sythyry et al's apartment is.
Dustweed Herethroy Sythyry's roommate: an ugly, unpopular Herethroy studying Aquador and Herbador. Sythyry thinks zie's a co-lover (the third Herethroy gender).
Thery Rassimel woman Teltheryan oa Vinness, studying literature and theology; Sythyry's apartment mate, Havune's roommate within the apartment; Yarwain's girlfriend.
Iska Rassimel woman Very foreign student Sythyry rejected as a roommate.
Havune Cani man Sythyry's apartment mate, Havune's roommate.
Lady Melicanthe ky Hybrasil Rassimel woman Court painter to the Duke of Vheshrame. In-world justification for M.C.A. Hogarth, who did the LJ icon of Sythyry.
Nestrune Kreslink Rassimel man Crown Prince of Daukrhame; classmate of various people
Sprowlween Hall Building One of the academic buildings. The Green Tile Classroom is in it.
Koimarth Cani Professor of Tempador
Yarwain Rassimel man Student; Thery's boyfriend
Amberwave Herethroy co-lover One of Sythyry's parent's servants; Sythyry got "special services" from zir until zie complained.
Spirshash Orren man Classmate and occasional love interest of Sythyry's; married to 2-3 other Orren
Whisli Orren whisli
Flooosh Orren woman Baker; friend of Sythyry; occasionally played by beetiger
Cafe du Fronde Cafe Student Hangout
chub-beetles beetle One of Sythyry's favorite takeout foods
~mother~ Zi Ri One of Sythyry's parents; the one zie grew up with.
Oostmarine Orren man Spirshash's husband
Tillissa Orren woman Spirshash's wife
Real-Eel Orren woman Advanced student; Sythyry's occasional love interest; former girlfriend of Nestrune
offirrah condiment Fermented snakes with garlic and hot pepper. Yum!
Glikkonen Zi Ri Sythyry's grandparent; almost as old as the universe, very famous. See the World Tree sourcebook.
Milkrather Grill Cafe A bad place to get sallad.
Pazi-Pazi cat Sythyry's pet cat.
Tethezai Rassimel woman Art student; painter of a portrait of Sythyry's roommates. Occasional vehicle for M.C.A. Hogarth again.
transaffectionate sexual orientation Attracted to people of other species. A World Tree analog of "homosexual" or "bisexual", but of course species matters more than gender. Transaffection is perfectly acceptable in some places for some species, absolutely abhorrent in others, and everywhere in between. In a cosmopolitan place like Vheshrame, it is generally tolerated, though not taken as seriously as cisaffectionate attachments.
Poptaloop bun little sticky buns with a dot of sweet bean paste at the top
Sneaky Veffu mouse Any mouse sighted in Sythyrys' apartment
Ghirbis Vlaan Rassimel woman One of Sythyry's Evil Neighbors
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