Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Back Again [7 Thory 4262]

Apologies, I suppose, for not having written anything here for a couple weeks. I haven't felt much like writing. Or going to classes. I missed an exam in Marine Biology -- I just slept through it, and yes, it was after lunchtime -- but Prof. Oolumb let me take it that evening. I sort of passed. I dropped "Herbador, Music, and Religion" altogether. I tried to drop "Sorcery in a Present Time", but Prof. Dargwyn talked me out of it, since I'm doing the work for it in spades.

I have been going to work though. Strenata's mostly been coming to get me beforehand, and saying with me during, and for a couple hours after 'til I stop shaking. Yesterday was the first time I managed to do it without her. Vae's been all apologetic at me. but she keeps wanting to talk and talk and talk and I mostly don't want to spend that much time with her.

Oh, and she gave me a copper and glirry bracelet that she stole from someone important in Daukrhame. I have to figure out how to return it for a reward, but I should be able to embezzle something finally.

I went back and spent two days at home. That didn't work very well. I got into lots of fights with ~mother~. Zie wants me to quit my job and tell the duke to go enjoy personal intimacies with a meat grinder. I don't really want to leave Choinxeia though, or even Vheshrame, which I'd probably need to do. (I have only one friend here who could visit me if I went that far away, and she's the problem.) I'd go live with Glikkonen for a few decades or something, which would certainly be a worthwhile thing to do, and I probably will do it sometime when "a few decades" doesn't sound quite as much like "my whole life to date and then some." Not now.

I was going to write a long essay about how horrible mind magic is and put it here. I can't really write it yet though. It's nothing new anyways.

Anyways! The actual thing I want to write about it tomorrow's meeting of Students Loving Other Species Here. We haven't yet decided on a good name for the Traff Students Club, but SLOSH certainly isn't it. Chelinet and Whiskey kept bugging me, and agreed that they'd put up the signs and such, so ... it's tomorrow.

I'm pretty happy to have something to do that isn't fussing about Mentador or friendly evil monsters.

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