Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[17 Hispis 4262]

Oixe:"Not so sure of the etiquette am I. And if the chaperone flees, does the couple confess immediately?"

Vae:"The yes! In Swimming with Catafishie, Baintain tells Lady Monfongonlonspawndragon about the fellatio with Smeft the very next day."

Oixe:"Well then! The moment you were gone, we went to a romantical sort of leafy bower for osculation. The sandwiches and osculation, since the dinner was delayed."

Me:"Actually, I think Vae's misremembering that book... Baintain is actually character in it, but the other two aren't, and there's no sex at all."

Vae:"Not can you can stop now, Oixe!"

Oixe:"The very sweet nendrai is Vae. The two extra heads he grows for better kissing with me."

Me:"That is a subtle point of romance which escapes most young lovers. I am impressed that Vae knows it!"

Vae turned herself into a shower of sparks and leapt gaudily around for a moment, then re-coalesced into her usual shape by Oixe's side.

Oixe:"The diamond chess was next -- a game of diamond chess, played for high stakes."

Me:"High stakes?"

Oixe:"And do you think my boyfriend would be a girl without such a bet?"

Me:"Um ... Vae's usually a girl."

Oixe:"Not when she is being my boyfriend!"

I sort of stared at Vae.

Vae:"The sort of truth that is, for it is better to be a boy with Oixe than a girl sitting lonely in a cave."

Me:"But now she's a boy and you're a girl."

Vae:"The first victory was Oixe's, so I had to change sex. The second was mine, so Oixe had to."

Me:"I see ... In the sense of 'I can't think of any way that further discussion could make that make any sense.'"

Oixe:"The body being a bit unusual makes the kissing more spicy. The extra awareness of the difference, you see."

Me:"Oh, I suppose so ... I do use Cloak of Another God sometimes ... but that's Vae's usual ..."

Oixe:"Not! Not a bit! Not when I am around! The first fight settled that, from now until the first egg."

Me:"You're discussing children already?"

Vae:"The first one is for Oixe, the second one is for me."

Me:"Are you going to live together? If so, where?"

Oixe:"Not for many days would that work! The large separate territory each of us needs. The insemination must happen on the sweet overnight romantic dates, often in neutral territory."

Me:"Vae's underage though?"

Oixe:"Not for long will he be though! Then we can practice."


Vae touched her head with her tail and made her ears glow. "The demure blush is upon me! The such-a-boy is Oixe, when she is a boy!"

Oixe:"The such-an-adolescent, either way!"

I bravely sat on a stump and watched the nendrai flirt at each other for a lot longer.

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