Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: /Mating Flight/ book 1 readers?

I've finished the first draft of Mating Flight, except for a few duodecimal issues and assorted whatnots. It's about 107 thousand words -- that's a slightly long novel, but I don't think it's a brick.

I'd like a handful of volunteers to read it, and comment on it -- things like "I don't understand why Ythac does that on day 64" or "I think I'm supposed to like Greshthanu from Day 20, but I hate him.", or "Osoth is being an idiot in Day 75, and that's not like him at all.", or "Why don't the dragons use the transporter beam that you firmly established that they have to solve all their problems on Day 90?"

(No, they don't actually have a transporter beam, but they have some other well-established tricks and they wouldn't generally not use them if there were some reason to use them. Yes, this is a diary, and the days have numbers, but not every day is actually in the diary.)

Thanks in advance!

And, even if I get more readers than I need for this round, I promise that everyone who wants to read it will eventually be able to. Somehow.

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