May 3rd, 2007


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Acute Senses (Translation) [17 Trandary 4262]

The wagging white waitress brought us a potage of peas and pansies. Since it is early spring, the peas are dried and the pansies are fresh. Since this restaurant is not quite as fancy as the ones in the city, the dried peas were not healed back to freshness. I didn't dare complain about that though. I didn't want to make the Baroness Vaisessasilmin sad that she couldn't go into the city.

In any case, it was time to watch Byalar try to dissect Vaisessasilmin.

Byalar:"Well, this soup of peas and pansies reminds me of a similar dish I had in a restaurant in Inihithre, in 4248 ... or 4249? I can't remember which trip it was exactly. It was a soup of dried pigeon peas, and the flowers were senbiosis rather than pansies, but the spicing -- ah, the spicing was very similar indeed. As if the cook had just barely waved a sweet spice jar across the pot. What would you say the spice was?" (Translation: "I am very well-travelled indeed, having visited Inihithre twice; and I have an exceedingly acute ability to smell and taste, and to remember and care about scents and tastes, and do you, too?")

Vaisessasilmin:"Oh, cumin was added, but a quarter-teaspoon, for it was a big pot of soup indeed. The spoon was of oak wood, and then the soup got its stirring from the same spoon. The half that much chissowary was added next, but that was a spoon of guntry bone, and tossed straightaway into the sink. The two drops of pansy perfume were sprinkled on salt and given their roasting then, and stirred in too." (Translation: (a) I have exceedingly precise senses, as superior to ordinary Cani senses as Cani senses are to Khtsoyis senses. Or (b), (which is at least most of the truth), I can cast a Mutoc Kennoc Illusidor Tempador spell to watch the soup as it was being prepared, and only Sythyry's little toy can tell that I'm doing so.)

Byalar:"Really? Remarkable. One might almost suppose that you were in the kitchen watching it being prepared, O my most remarkable baroness." (Translation: I wonder if you're one of the staff here, whom Sythyry has somehow persuaded to play baroness.)

Vaisessasilmin:"Not so far off as all that! The showing it to you is a simple matter, thusly..." And she cast her past-spying spell more obviously, so that the image of Cani hands and spices and spoons appeared over her soup bowl, and the Kennoc Tempador aspects of her spell were obvious even for Byalar's limited magic sense.

Byalar:"You're not shy with your wizardry, are you, m'lady?"

Vaisessasilmin:"It's a thing I'm glad to share with anyone who needs it!"

Me:[sotto voce]"Which is the cause of much doom indeed."

Me:[sotto voce]"Though I suppose I shouldn't be taking advantage of her this way."

Me:[sotto voce]"At least, not simply to tease a quasi-unwanted roommate."

Me:[sotto voce]"Too late now, though. The disease, I mean meal, must run its course."

Byalar:"Remarkable, most remarkable. Is this a family tradition, perhaps?" (Translation: If you're really Cani, you will talk forever about your friends and relations.)

Vaisessasilmin:"Not so much! The mother of mine was more of a fierce and aggressive ... sort. The father of mine was kind too, but his fate was not so kind to him, and he was exiled to far far away.""

Byalar:"Just the three of you in the family, then?"(Translation: You're not Cani. Cani never have families that small.)

Vaisessasilmin:"The two of us, me and my mother, were quite enough for our neighbors!" (Translation: I was a real horror as a child. And when I say "horror" I suspect I'm talking about disembowellings and horrid transformations.)

Byalar:"Ah! I understand. I must compliment you on your storytelling, m'lady! You tell the stories of your past with a unique style."(Translation: I have figured it out! You are a Sleeth, hence a storyteller and a person with acute senses. But, unlike most Sleeth, you are willing to use the past tense when you talk.)