Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Spectre, Spectator [16 Hispis 4262]

So Vae zapped us to a long way over Daukhrame -- two miles or so up. Outside the city walls. Above the clouds.

"The seats you chose are certainly in a spacious and roomy part of the theatre!" said Oixe. "But they're a little bit far back. The and there's a bit of a pillar problem, or a billow problem at least. Not a bit can I even see the theatre... and is it down there somewhere?"

"The theatre is down there somewhere! The clouds are intentional, though" said Vae.

"The best I can do to enjoy the show, then, is what I shall do!" said Oixe, and turned a curl of wind into a broad platform of self-levitating sparthenolozo wood so she and Vae could sit on it.

Vae was busy with his/her tail, turning bits of wind into ... well, Vae was pretty clever with magic. Vae made two dozen little windy angels to peer at the play from two dozen little windy angles. Another complicated spell net of spells made a wide sweep of wind in front of us watch all the angels, and see what they saw, and change the appearance of the air into the appearance of the amphitheatre. Which was The Troublers of Tulterry, already a ninth of an hour along.

Which scared me a good deal at first! City walls are supposed to keep all scrying out. But this isn't scrying going through the wall, it's just looking. And just looking is traditionally fine. In part because it's a bit challenging to let those inside see and those outside not see. I don't mean "magically challenging", here, it's not much harder a spell. I mean "challenging" as in "slapping all the monsters in the area in the face with a gigantic frozen flounder, simultaneously, and all the primes outside the city too" kind of challenging. Making the city appear from the outside to be a gigantic opaque hemisphere looming over the countryside would have some repercussions, from the monsters and the country gentry both.

Anyways, there's a difference between "letting outsiders casually peek in" (or "letting outsiders see the sun through the space over the city") and "letting outsiders effectively steal tickets to our outdoor plays, and gods know what else."

But it's not a very good stealing, actually.

"Well, the it looks beautiful," sighed Oixe. "The magic you use is quite clever here, too, and by reason of that I admit a certain degree of attraction to you. But I cannot hear what they are saying."

"Not a bit, there's not enough sound up here for my angels to catch! But for this reason, among others, I have brought along a chaperone."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Sythyry, please recite the play for us, I politely and humbly demand of you!" said Vae.

"It's been a while, and I only saw it, I didn't perform it ever. I don't remember all the lines that well. What's going on now is that Malvolio and Desnardo have made a pact that whichever of ..."


After which, I could remember every detail of the performance I saw. I mean every detail. The chair I was on? Seven hundred and sixteen threads on the top cushion, 212 of which were one shade of green at the left side of the cushion and the rest were a slightly different shade. Malvolio's hat was about 0.28 degrees more clockwise in the second act than the first, until he threw it on the floor -- it took 0.18 seconds to land -- and, exactly sixty-one dactyls later (27 of which involve the letter 'sh', if you care, which I don't and which I could forget) he picked it up and slammed it on his head, and the feather bobbled eleven times, but the hat was 38.73 degrees counterclockwise from where it had been.

I sort of gargled a bit.

"Sythyry, is something wrong?"

(Not said: "Aside from ruining a week's Enchantment, and scaring my city, and turning me into a monster briefly, and mind-raping me? I can't think what.")

"I wish you'd ask me before you do that. It's not even like you're doing it to help me, I know you have trouble with that. This one was purely for you," I said.

"The help to remember, it was!"


"Now, please speak the lines! The play is sliding by."

I'm being mind-raped, I might as well not tick off two nendrai and have them do something intentionally nasty to me. I started reciting lines... in exactly the voices and cadences and timing that the actors in the performance had, due to some reasonably slick Illusidor in Vae's spell.

Both nendrai started squirming happily, and kind of holding on to each other. I closed my eyes.

It's a good thing I don't have Enchantment tomorrow morning. I am going to have to wash my brain out with brandy when I'm done writing this, and hopefully can forget a little bit of what the monsters did to me.

Or at least a few details of that cursed play.

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