September 28th, 2004


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Home is the Thing with Feathers [1 Lage 4261]

It is entirely my own fault for staying up so late last night, scribbling in my journal for a long time, then sitting on Dustweed's bed for a few hours as we described to each other at great length just how glad we both were that we were not sharing a room and now each could go to bed before the other without any interference. (Except from Tethezai, who had gone home already.) Then we went to the Gallery of a Thousand Shining Alarming Geometrical Solids and shared a bit of oskameeska and tilenuts. Then things get blurry, but I'm pretty sure I was reading a book of poetry from Oorah Thrassen that I had bought when I first got to town and had carefully tucked under a pile of other books and didn't rediscover 'til I got unpacked...

A pirate bird upon a rug of splintered floors;
A quarrel and a feast of yellowed pages;
A quart of beer; a quart of stale blood;
A cacophany of feet within their cages

No, I have no idea what that's about either. Perhaps a monster could tell me?

In any case, I was not entirely awake when I fluttered down the stairs to the Lightly Scaled Refectory where Jarmiet was making breakfast. (We have engaged her to prepare breakfast three days a week, and lunch the other six days. (When I say "we" I mean Ghirbis and me. Agrimony evidently told her something entirely other. I am not sure what will become of this. (In any case, she's here making breakfast now.)))

Narngi:"Sythyry? Great staring gods! What happened to your feather?!"

Me:"My what? I beg your pardon, Narngi, but what is it that you are talking about?"

Narngi:"You are defoliated. Deplumiated. Deprived of feathers."

Me:"I am? Oh, a thousand pounds of poptaloops perched on a peach pie! I am!"

It was not the doing of an obgrathious snyyg, though. I had specifically allowed all my feathery spells to lapse last night. Of course, I forgot that entirely when I woke up and smelled the kathia.

Me:"Right! I am! Don't warn Ghirbis, O Narngi, for she... "

Ghirbis:"... is standing herself by the Vast Leaden Cistern from the Mystic Harem of Pzeng, wondering just the same thing."

Me:"It was the obgrathious snyyg! I fell asleep, and I got snyyged!"

Ghirbis:"I beg your pardon? It is far, far too early in the day for insane ravings from roommates! I cannot schedule such things until at least three hours after noon; I have far too much to do."

Me:"The obgrathious snyyg. You told me about it last night."

Ghirbis:"The what? I did? Oh, right! I did! Forgive me, Sythyry, but some days I cannot keep all my lies straight."

Me:"This is a disappointment! I prepare a counterprank upon you -- at no small personal cost and trouble, I might add! An entire cley! -- and you do not even do me the common courtesy of being alarmed, stunned, bewildered, and rendered unto senseless glibbering."

Narngi:"Gibbering, don't you mean?"

Me:"It could, potentially, be gibbering. Especially if she is not fond of glibbering. I am a flexible creature and will accept either one."

Ghirbis:"I am not so good at Vheshrame court manners as to do this thing for you yet ... I must consult my manuals of etiquette before I can do anything more than express bewilderment."

So I devoured some kathia, and some more kathia, and a poptaloop, and a few grapes dipped in offirrah, and grumbled off, secure in the knowledge that my Evil Roommate had trounced me again.