May 25th, 2004


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Offender [3 Thory 4261]

Me:"Thery, may I come in"

Yarwain opened the shutter a crack. "Sythyry? We're both asleep. What's wrong?" One must be careful when one is visiting Rassimel: they have no circadian rhythm, and are just as likely to take a night's sleep in mid-day as at night, when other considerations need not be considered.

Me:"I seem to have acquired a new and troublesome sort of doom. Since it's your fault and since you know about the countess, I would like your advice on how best to approach it."

Yarwain:"Thery's asleep, finally. She's not so comfortable all the time now. What's gone wrong?"

I explained about tomorrow's tea with the countess.

Yarwain:"It shouldn't be so terrible. I imagine she'll try to bribe you or something. I'm sure she's worried about her place in history."

Me:"That hadn't occurred to me. I was more expecting that she would have me assassinated."

Yarwain:"Not at Darraden's. If she killed you in there, she probably would never get a good table there again."

Me:"And she does seem to like a good table."

At this point, a rather sleepy Thery wrapped in a great deal of flannel and wearing a big and devastatingly cute sleeping cap arose from the bed and peered at me. "Sythyry?" I explained to her as well.

Thery:"Oh ... go and order the most expensive thing on the menu. And spill it on her."

Me:"Antagonizing her might not be my best choice."

Thery:"But I wouldn't worry too much about physical or emotional harm."

Me:"Why not? I mistook her for an adventuress when I saw her first! She doesn't look much tamer than Rhedwy."

Thery:"She's not terribly violent, really. Blunt, usually. And a bit shy."

Me:"Oh ... well, what does 'slootly' mean?"

Thery:"Absolutely. It means 'absolutely'. She's been saying it that way since she was three... she slootly refuses to say 'absolutely' the right way. Always has. To annoy her mother, at the beginning, I suppose."

Me:"Oh... I suppose that makes sense."

Thery:"Now please go away? I've been up for four days straight, and I want to sleep."

And that seemed as good a time as any to jump out of the window.