February 6th, 2004


Answer the first

moosl asks: I am an off-worlder and view your world sporadically. Where can one learn of your world succintly?

IC: I must admit that I have never, myself, left the World Tree, and I am not as familiar as I might be with whatever books may appear in offworld bookstores.

For that matter, do offworlds even use proper books? On the Water-Tree, evidently, there are speaking icicles used instead of books ... though, in other stories, someone does talk about "peeling the hero's hide off and using it to bind some low-grade pornography." Perhaps speaking icicles are sold in leather sheaths, I suppose.

Still, I daresay that you live in a somewhat more real universe than the Water-Tree. What do books look like there?

OOC: You can buy the World Tree book. The first half of it is a travelogue or fictional ethnography of the World Tree. The second half is the actual RPG rules. We did intend that the first half stand on its own, as a work of fictional nonfiction, and many non-gamers have enjoyed it as that.

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