February 5th, 2004


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Party Beneath the Howling Heads, last

An hour or two later, it seemed prudent to find the privy. Actually I had been there before, when Spirshash and Tillissa and Oostmarine lived there, and knew where the privy generally lurked. The brandy had been cheap but plentiful, though, and I might have been persuaded that Rhedwy and friends had moved it.

I didn't mean to peek into the howling head room. But the howling head room is next to the privy; and its door was open; and a very bright light spell glowed in it, and there was a fair bit of noise from within.

I confess I stared a bit. And, perhaps, produced some exclamation, such as "oh, my!" or "dearie!" or "goodness me!".

Precious Flower looked embarrassed -- forgivably so; I, personally, might be embarrassed to be seen entangled with a quarter as many people as zie was. Khiriotos and Darkstamen looked entirely comfortable with the situation, and with each other, and with Precious Flower, and with the Orren woman I hadn't been introduced to, and with Ambuscade. Rhedwy was lounging on a bookshelf, mostly asleep.

"Come join in if you'd like," said Darkstamen in a rather languid voice.

I fled.

Strenata caught up with me in the air over Morstawn Hall. "What happened?"

I explained the situation. I was unable to give a convincing explanation of my reaction, but somehow Strenata seemed to understand. She took me to my home, carefully had me avoid Tethezai, and chatted about magic theory and history until I was a bit sober and a bit less perturbed.

I suppose I could imagine being jaded enough, experienced enough, urbane enough, to join without a second thought. I am not, yet. Perhaps I hope I will never be.

Or perhaps I hope I will be tomorrow.

I'm certainly not, today.

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