January 7th, 2004


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Party Beneath the Howling Heads #1[15 Hispis 4261]

At the apartment that once was Spirshash's and now is Rhedwy's, there was a small social gathering, of about twenty people or so at any one time. They were hard to count; people arrived and departed at odd times, without much notice. Here are a few:

Name Species Note
Sythyry Zi Ri Me
Seeks-Hot-Water Orren woman Strenata
Rhedwy Sleeth woman Perplexing; also host #1
Darkstamen Herethroy man Host #2; history student; minor nobility; maker of spicy lentil soup heavily spiked with rum.
Khiriotos Herethroy woman Host #3; Mrasteian; daughter of a high priest of Hren Tzen and Mircannis; maker of many cookies, including a small batch (five cookies) reserved for the hosts and two selected guests.
Ambuscade Cani man Some sort of adventurer I believe, currently working as a guard on the sky-barge Whiskey Elemental.
Pleasant Blossom Herethroy co-lover Close friend of the Herethroy hosts.

Seeks-Hot-Water and I arrived at about the same time. I had not seen her in four or five days, so I took the opportunity to land on her shoulder and coil my tail around her neck, a seat from which I had no intention of departing for hours. She retaliated in kind by giving me a detailed exposition of how Milirant Tavath has been pursuing Crown Prince Nestrune Kreslink at length and in depth. "For a position in his court or a position bent over his bed?" I asked.

"Perhaps both! Though mostly the former. I believe he wants to be the prince's gentleman-in-waiting. Just the post for a position of no skills save for wearing clothes and not wearing clothes."

"Are you jealous now?," I asked her.

"Oh, my needs for Nestrune are thoroughly satisfied by our rides together, I assure you. And my needs for Gluegluetha as well."

I almost asked her just what her dealings with Nestrune were about -- and in particular that comment about showing him her private parts -- but I discovered, obliquely, that I must have either some manners or some sense.