October 27th, 2002


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Surprise and surprises are over. It's cool again, and so am I. I evidently even made a new Orren friend last night: Real-Eel, a very advanced student in ... in ... she told me last night, but I can't remember. Actually I don't remember much about last night: I went with Havune to a big party sort of thing, half Cani and half assorted other people, and wound up eating a whole gopher and drinking three chalices of fortified wine, and practicing Flirtatious Dancing at Real-Eel. Havune informs me that I spent most of the evening in her lap, getting scritched, but that nothing interesting happened.

He is wrong. Something interesting did happen. The gopher turned out to be stuffed with offirrah and bread. I know that fermented snakes with half-rotten garlic and pepper sounds really disgusting to anyone but Cani, but ... damp it down with a lot of bread, and bake it inside a gopher, and don't let the innocent Zi Ri know what zie's eating, and it's remarkably good.

And, of course, I have now realized that I am hideously, terribly attracted to Orren, since I evidently go sit on them when I am drunk. This is unfortunate. I don't suppose many Zi Ri are cisaffectionate, unless they're actually mated or some such... I have no great wish to become physically intimate with my obnoxious, wicked 600-year-older-than-me sister. But why couldn't I be attracted to Rassimel? It would be much simpler.

Dustweed had zir own private party in the apartment last night, from the looks of things: a bottle of cheap wine, a pot of Khtsoyis narcotic tea, and crying on the couch. I'm getting a bit worried about zir -- does anyone have any clue what's wrong? Or any suggestions about what to do?
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