September 25th, 2002



Havune says I shouldn't. Havune says Spirshash, while
appealing in more respects than I am currently aware of, is
so volatile that I am far too young for him.

Thery says I should. Thery says I have been longing out
loud for someone to play with ever since I came to
school, and probably years before. She says that Spirshash
will abandon me ages before the difference in our lifespan
becomes a problem -- not only will I not need to outlive
whatever mistakes I make (and she says that your first
voluntary lover always brings mistakes), he will obligingly
scamper away from them.

Yarwain says I should too. He points out that as a
twice-married man, Spirshash should have some measure of
understanding of how to be pleasant to a companion.

Dustweed sounded pained by the whole conversation, and
ventured no opinion.

I do not want to ask my sibling.

How does one even think about this sort of thing?
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