September 5th, 2002


Hot Tempers [7 Oix 4260]

Hot Surprise, and everyone else is irritable. Havune had a few arch words for Thery and Yarwain, who left the yarn on their door all night by mistake. They're supposed to leave a bit of yarn on the bedroom doorknob when they want privacy. They don't want to open the outside door very often and let the coolth out, so they decided to waste a cley to teleport when they left -- directly from the bedroom of course -- so they forgot about the yarn and they didn't make enough noise for any of us to hear them. So Havune spent the night on the couch in our bedroom, and not all things that he said were flattersome. Thery said that he should have smelled that they were finished -- he has said things like that before, in Thery's hearing. They were not terribly kind to each other for some minutes, ending only when Thery teleported away again.

That, at least, was for a reason. A green-shelled Herethroy threw a log at Dustweed for no obvious reason as we were walking to class, and broke zir left antenna too. She didn't even look apologetic when I glowered at her. Dustweed and I went to the Healers' Guild, where I bullied some poor commoner secretary into sending the bill to Dustweed's family (or mine) even though they're not Vheshrame citizens. Dustweed, mended of body but bruised of spirit, wanted to go home after that, and by that time it was far too late to go to class.

Dustweed is curled up on the couch, having drunk some very cheap and noxious wine to bring sleep. I trust the air elementals are having fun. Nobody who walks on the ground is
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