August 5th, 2002


Hot Surprise [1 Oix 4260]

The winds an hour before dawn were cool autumn winds, scented with wet leaves and distant rain. At dawntime the winds howled hot, at the same that cley was refreshed. Within an hour the city smelled of hot moss, summertime grass, garbage just started to get toasted.

Everyone else groaned. Hot Surprise is a heavy weight on full mammals, and almost as bad for Herethroy. They rushed into the yard-thick walls of our apartment, and demanded I follow them to cast Sustenoc Airador Pyrador to keep it as cool for as long as possible.

Then I went out skydancing, flying around the city, breathing flame in solidarity with whatever obnoxious air elementals are in charge of knocking the wide straw hats off heat-avoiding Herethroy on their way to the fields with carts of octagonals seed to grow those few, odd crops which only sprout during hot Surprise. My feathers are at home in a bonfire; a bit of hot wind is just a comfort to Me
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    The whistling, sizzling wind