July 7th, 2002


Theory and Practice of Differences [21 Chirreb 4260]

Iska is in my Theory of Differences class.

Iska is good at Theory of Differences, too. We got 1,5,8,12,19,31,50,78, and Iska solved it (the answer is 2, and it's third degree) before Professor Oxisilmaan finished writing it.

And Iska only knows the names of a dozen people in town, and by embarrassing fortune I am one of those names. So she must sit next to me in Theory of Differences -- I haven't too many choices of seat in the Auditorium of Descending Greenish Triangles, the best is a sort of table that's half growing out of the wall at the lower left front, and even someone who couldn't solve 1,5,8,etc. so fast could tell where I'm sitting.

So Iska has decided that I am her friend of convenience, for mathematical purposes at least. Iska doesn't seem to know that I turned her down to live with us. She found a room living with some fisher-Orren, near the city wall ... their own son got eaten by the wall last year, so they'd a room free and they'd a hole of sorts in their lives. Iska's an odd person to fill it, foreign and quiet and intense and all, but I suppose they didn't want a poor copy of their son. The room is muddy and the house is so fishy I can smell it on her from two seats away. It sounds a dreadful sort of room, but Iska just shrugged when she said it.

I've done my very best to be polite and sympathetic, and I doubt that I've raked social claws across her face more than twice or thrice. I suppose I'll have to take Manners for Mages next season.

By way of actual news: the professor of Ancient Ketherian History is married to the ambassador to Psent. Psent has come under some sort of a suspicion or other -- I should ask Hezimikkinen, I'm sure zie knows what -- and ambassador, professor, servants, and all are now on their way to Psent. No more Ancient Ketherian History. The best choice for that hour of the day seems to be Ethology of Dangerous Creatures.

I suppose I shall try to persuade them that my grandparent Glikkonen counts as a Dangerous Creature as well as some Ancient Ketherian History, though I don't suppose the former classification will improve my chances of getting a good date quite so much as the latter would have.

I was taking classes for some reason beyond finding good dates, wasn't I? Spirshash only talks about that one reason... Oh, yes, for the learning of it. I must mention that to Spirshash and see if he remembers of it.
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