June 14th, 2002


Aftermath of the Dance [17 Chirreb 4260, still]

Now for some worrisome questions. Shall I be a mysterious cryptic lizard sage, or shall I date other students? Shall I date full-mammals, or stick with Herethroy? How much physical affection is proper? Or digified? Or consonant with a potent degree of decorum and mystery?

At home, the answers were obvious. Mystery never worked with servants who knew me in the egg, and it's futile to try it on your parent who is giving you lessons in it. So there was not the slightest reason not to ask for special services from Amberwave now and then ... not until Palering told me zie was complaining about it. Zie had to stay up late finishing zir work every time I stole an hour out of zir day, and Palering was scolding zir for it, and zie told Palering why zie was so slow. I stopped asking Amberwave then: it was embarrassing!

It is only as I scribbled the last few words that I realize that I was more wicked than I might like, then. In hindsight I imagine zie was hoping for some valuable presents, or preferences, or ... whatever it is that the young child of a noble wizard can provide. If I had the money now, I should send zir somewhat, by way of apology.

I even thought of apologizing to Hezimikkinen and trying to get my full allowance back. Next year is probably better than this year. I don't want to be thought to be flighty and inconstant.

Which is a long and morose excursion that I had not intended. Spirshash invited me to the Cafe du Fronde for a chalice of kathia. (He takes his kathia with butter and sugar and chissowary -- a ghastly combination I think. Prenjuice for me!) He dances, and flirts amazingly well considering he had an apple in his mouth at the time. He's one of Whisli's friends -- a roommate, or hallmate, or something like that. He's lightly married to two other Orren students, down from three last year -- but he was quite clear that no exclusivity was present that would hinder him from any further adventures. (And that's all the request he made.). His courtly manner is excellent (the son of a Lord-High Treasurer or some such, I understand), and his discourse is charming and very very witty -- so much that one barely realizes that he cannot stop talking about himself for three consecutive minutes.

So: as a casual liaison, I think it would be fine. I think I'd be down three terch of status, by the official books -- or less, I suppose, depending on who he's married to. Nothing much, anyways. He's amusing to talk to. Only about himself, yes, but he's a thorough and proper Orren and has done a thousand ridiculous things; it's not like me trying to talk only about *my* life.

But ... he's fully a mammal. I've always felt more comfortable with Herethroy -- as maybe I shouldn't have (poor Amberwave). Doesn't fur get soaked and stuck here and there? For that matter, he's Orren ... just how wet can he get without turning into water-shape? Or should I ask him to be in water-shape first? It might be fun to be *bigger* than a non-Zi-Ri lover... But he'd still be all furry.

Dustweed, it may be noted, is no help at all on romantic matters. Zie snapped at me when I brought the topic up. Perhaps zie's recently been jilted?

So I suppose I'll retreat into the tower of the cryptic lizard, for now. It is, at the very least, a safe sort of place. And I daresay that I'll have another option or two before the end of the term.
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