June 11th, 2002


Flirting for credit [17 Chirreb 4260]

Flirtatious Dance is proving to be a good bit of exercise. Not the kind I was hoping for, not yet. The teachers -- there are four of them, for it is a rather popular class among the unmarried students -- started with a dance to try to scare students out of the class. A traditional Thanish triafrella is a bit of an energetic dance. For a modern flourish, or perhaps for extra humiliation, they made us dance it with apples in our muzzles.

It is hard to flirt properly with an apple in your mouth. It is hard to even pant properly with an apple in your muzzle; the Cani especially were looking rather miserable by the end of the class. I daresay I was looking rather miserable too: not hot of course, it takes a goodly fire to do that, but I'm far and away the smallest person in the class, and they didn't shrink the set that I have to run around. Yes, run, my hind legs on the floor, my forelegs carrying two glasses of wine, and my wings trying desparately not to tangle anyone's tail. A proper fool I looked -- just like everyone else in the room.

I suppose that "flirtation" will wait for the next lesson.

For me, that is. Thery's boyfriend Yarwain has resurfaced. His skyboat was delayed by a pack of ulgrane -- they never got close to him, evidently, but he had to stay in Ulmarn for four days while knights flew around and did knightly things.

"I bravely challenged the dangers of the Cafe Dumard -- I defeated a whole roast pocker in the morning, and a dread and terrible loaf of squash-stuffed bread in the evening!" he proclaimed. If he is not a courtier, he has been reading too many novels. Thery laughed a great deal, and took him off to some park or other.

Dustweed and I scowled at each other, and shrugged, and spiked a pot of tea with a bit of brandy. Zie's somehow managed to offend every other Herethroy in Vheshrame, from the sound of it. Zie hasn't managed to have a chalice of kathia peacefully with anyone with chitin, from the sound of it.

I don't *think* zie was inviting me to play. Just as well really; zie really isn't very much to my taste, and I imagine sharing a room with a lover could get awkward here and there. Besides, zie's not in my Flirtatious Dancing course, and I wouldn't get any homework credit for anything I did with her.

Postscript: one does not get homework in Flirtatious Dancing, and one does not get class credit for following up on any flirting that happens. I am beginning to think that Flirtatious Dancing is a style of dance, rather like Carthenian or Kiss-Dancing.
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