May 26th, 2002


Roommates, yes and no [Chirreb 9, 4260]

The "yes" was easy. She's Teltheryan oa Vinness, studying literature and theology. Not nobility; her mother is a secretary to a countess, who is paying for her studies. Afterwards Thery has to work for the countess for thirty years after she graduates. It sounds like a terrible price from a mortal's life. Thery says she doesn't mind; her family has served Countess Gloun's for four generations, and she sees no reason to break the tradition at all -- she'd work for her for her whole life anyway, so her scholarship is free.

She's a year older than me. If I were at all sensible, I'd go home for a dozen or two years, and come back older than everyone else, and act wise and mysterious and traditional. Hezimikkinen said as much. Which isn't quite a good enough reason not to do it, no matter what I said when we were screaming and blowing flame at each other. When I'm six hundred years old I might take a vacation like that, but I'm barely thirty. Hmph.

The "no" was clumsy of me. Iska's parents are *farmers*. That would be fine if she were Herethroy, but she's Rassimel. She's very foreign - not from Ketheria, but from some branch one layer down. She's not a noble - they don't do nobility properly down there, anyway. She seemed nice enough, and after we met her we told her it was probably OK but we should talk about it among ourselves. I wasn't very comfortable, but I sort of agreed . . . then when Dustweed trotted off on four legs to tell Iska that she could move in, I went into a panic. I had expected to live with foreigners, but Iska is *very* foreign, too foreign. Thery shrugged, and said she didn't care that much one way or another, as long as we got someone to pay the rent. I took a hat from Dustweed's side of the room, and sent a -Silent Words- to zir and told zir to say no. Zie was not terribly pleased with me when zie got back. Iska had evidently offered to pay the full year's rent in advance ... I'm glad she's not living with us, but I don't want to have to explain to her why
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