May 17th, 2002


Not rich this year... [Chirreb 7, 4260]

Sorry not to write for the last four days -- I've been busy! We made it to Vheshrame in two days -- that's Bandazure and me. We stayed with my half-sibling Hezimikkinen (zir ~father~ is my ~mother~) at the ducal palace. I started off very badly with zir -- zie was in the fire when I got there, and I flew over and joined zir without being invited. At home that would be good manners, but this is at court, and it's bad manners. Then I used the familiar with the Duke -- on Choinxeia a duke should use familiar to a Zi Ri, but everyone who's not married to him uses the formal to him. Alas.

[~father~ and ~mother~: Sythyry uses words that might better be translated as 'distant parent' and 'active parent', referring to who raised the child rather than who took what role in engendering zir.]

Hezimikkinen was not happy with me. I'm not welcome at the Ducal palace again, unless I'm invited, and that probably will only be for Creation Day parties. ~Mother~ had arranged for Hezimikkinen to give me an allowance, but they never discussed how much. Now it's to be a hundred and twenty lozens a month, plus tuition. I don't think that's a lot, since I have to find somewhere to live, too, instead of staying in the palace. That's tomorrow morning, though; I can stay here in the Blue Brocade Suite one more night.

One odd thing about this notebook -- I found a note about the Gormoror Professor of Durudor at the academy tucked into it. If Bandazure had the least bit of a sense of humor I'd suspect her of doing it... I wonder who did? The paper is very odd, as smooth as if it had been polished -- it's paper, not parchment, but it's sort of grown into the first page. I'd thank Cowboy_R for the warning if I could tell who it was.