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Sythyry's Journal
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Thursday, May 16th, 2002

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Trying out the new present [Chirreb 3, 4260]
My exceedingly old and exceedingly famous grandparent just gave me this notebook as a going-to-school present. Zie says that zie wishes zie had had one when zie was growing up, but of course nobody knew how to do enchantments then, and there probably wasn't time to do a lot of writing, what with all the fighting cyarr and nendrai and everything.

Anyways, if you're reading this, you can see the notebook, but if you're not a first-generation Zi Ri you might not be able to see what it's like. Glikkonen explained it to me. The Creoc Corpador makes new pages when I need them -- I got *that* part myself. All that Locador makes the pages arbitrarily small, so that I only need this one book no matter how long I live. Zie said I'd need to take lots more maths before I understood it -- that's why I'm going to Vheshrame.

Well, I need to go tell Bandazure and Anoof what to pack. Tomorrow I'm off towards Vheshrame

Current Mood: grateful

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