Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Play's The Thing [16 Hispis 4262]

We were no more than a third of the way through our cider and cephalopods at Shfreyn's than Vae squeaked in a terrible alarm. "Oh, no! Oh, no!"

"What's wrong, Vae?" asked Oixe. She looked embarrassed. She had tried, once or twice, to eat the cephalopods with her hands. I don't mean 'pick them up with her hands and hold them to her mouth and eat them'. I mean 'chew and swallow them with her hands. This was neither particularly effective nor particularly clean.

"The play! The time for the play is now, already!" Vae yelped. "The quick return to Choinxeia we must make! Too long, too long, we battled in the sky!"

"Crazy mherobumps!" whuffed a blee at the next table over. "I don't see why you're hanging out with them, cutie. C'mon over here and revel in the sanity!"

"I may be transaffectionate, but that is disgusting!" I told him. I had forgotten I looked like a blee.

"Not the time do you have to be transaffectionate with him!" shouted Vae. "The time to go is now!"

"I'm not..." I started.

"You are!" said Vae, and thwacked me hard with his tail. I wound up dozens of miles in the air, next to a rather amused Oixe.

"...not a blee", I imagined the blee at the next table saying.

"The quick, the quick, we've got to get to Daukrhame!" yelped Vae when the essential world opened and he popped out.

"And how will we get in to Daukrhame to see this play?" asked Oixe.

"The treat from me it will be!" said Vae, looking more suave and sophisticated than he had all day. I estimate this at two or three milli-Nestrunes.

"Can you get in to a prime city?" I asked. This was back to being professional for me -- not that it had ever really left it. Daukrhame's walls aren't quite as good as Vheshrame's, but by everything I know they should be good enough to keep ten Vaes out.

"The trick of that may or may not be with me. The but I say that we will soon see The Troublers of Tulterry performed at the Varwhale Amphitheatre in the Wide Varwhale Park in Daukrhame," said Vae. "Or most of it, depending on how much we've missed so far. Let's hurry."

... eep! ...

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