Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Off-topic -- tagged!

Just a meme, from allessindra
Tell 7 quirks
Tag 7 people
No tag-backs
No wimp-outs ('just anyone who wants to do it')

  1. I like offirrah on sweet custard. Offirrah is a delicious spicy condiment of fermented snakes and chili peppers and garlic. Nobody but Cani and I like it. Even Cani don't eat it on sweet custard.
  2. I'm feathered. Zi Ri mostly don't have feathers.
  3. I have never dated a member of the same species.
  4. I rather like when people cast temporary color-changing spells on me. Not that anyone ever does, except Ilottat once in a while.
  5. I hate wearing metal jewelry. What if I lose it? What if someone mugs me and takes it? What if it somehow violates a sumptuary law that I didn't remember about? Aieee!
  6. I don't like perfumed milk. Never have. And that's not a reptile thing. I like regular milk just fine, or spiced milk, or perfumed water.
  7. I can recite the whole Ode to Shemgroth the Magnificent forwards and backwards.
And I tag -- esory, calamitous_cani, zhaleskra, denaist, snow_orren, thestra (via jareth_atian), and floosh (via beetiger).  'cause you're real, and I'm not quite sure about anyone else.
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