Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Cider and Celphalopods at Shfreyn's [16 Hispis 4262]

Shfreyn had remodelled a bit, and moved, perhaps because Vae had turned the front wall of the previous restaurant into scorpions before. The new Shfreyn's was rather fancier than the old one. By "fancier" I mean that, while its floor was still dirt, now it was heavily hammered dirt and not nearly so grubby was before. And that the tables had obviously been washed within the month. And that there were windows, oiled-paper windows. (For monsters: a civilized place would have had glass.) And lights, in the form of eight smoky burning torches. (For monsters: a civilized place would have used light spells.)

Me:"They've been doing well lately, haven't they?"

Vae:"The several bits of money I gave them, by way of apology for last time. Amber, ivory, fur, perfume."

Oixe:"And what was the last time?"

Vae:"Not ... not ...."

Me:"Could one of you give us a bit of privacy?" Vae put a words-to-chocolates spell on us.

Me:"Last time Vae and I came here in prime shape. Some hugeng and yuldakai tried to kill us, of course. So Vae defeated them up and down, but the restaurant wasn't in very good shape afterwards. Neither was the city."

Oixe giggled. "In imagination I can see him, in the wild rush like on the date! The fierce left hand, he guts the first hugeng -- I applaud the mighty Vae! Greatly, greatly do I hate hugeng! The devastating right hand, he slams the first yuldakai hard -- the yuldakai goes through the wall! Oops, no more wall. The tail, it turns a spare sandwich into a sloshing, splashing wave of water -- another hugeng, destroyed! another restaurant, destroyed! The and on and on thusly."

Me:"Well, Vae mostly did the restaurant. I got a lot of the rest of the city."

Vae:"The bright burning salamander is with Sythyry! Zie did not put it away when we left."

Me:"Oh, right... Did you pay them back for that?"

Vae:"The few good things I do for the city." He waved a hand at the city walls. They were not real city walls -- I guess monsters don't need real city walls. But they are weather shields, to keep off storms and tornadoes by means of turning them into mild rains. Typical nendrai work, insanely strong and not very good.

Oixe:"And is this how you treat your nonprimes commonly, Vae? With destructions and protections?"

Vae:"The vacation nonprimes? Not a great deal of organization have I regarding them! The nonprimes in my territory, those I cultivate with alliances and assistances and manure!"

Oixe:"And manure?"

Vae:"The manure, yes. The mara eleni is Green-Leafed Quinn, and the very useful ally for keeping many eyes on things is she!"

Oixe:"Never have I had such an ally. The primes fear mara eleni, it is one or the other."

And they got into a bit of a debate about how valuable prime allies are, compared to monsters. Vae wants both. Oixe, poor monster, likes prime allies better than nonprimes; she often sides with the primes against her own kind other monsters. (Not her own species -- she's trying to get a something with Vae obviously.) I mostly pretended not to exist very much.

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