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OOC : A curiosity, a whine.

(This is all OOC.) I don't often submit things for publication. (I dunno what, if anything, to do with the Herethroy Love Story Novel That Needs A Title, but that's a harder question.) But an ezine I heard about had an interesting theme: write a 300-word excerpt from a nonexistant work, to be published as a fragment. Inspired by the fragments of the Necronomicon and the King in Yellow, I presume. They didn't have to be fiction, or even in any extant language.

So I tossed together a bit of oddness. I should have known better: I am allergic to the very name of the ezine. Anyways, it got rejected. There's not a lot of other market for such things, so here it is... afterwards, there's an angsty little survey.

[From "Tsurallaa Sykku", a collection of traditional Vairihani advertisements with facing English translations]

KASKAUN (title): [A common name for a pet rabbit, in the optional/possible future form]

Mihaunnu kylly chaioi At some point in the near future, we will fail to understand
Atsully kyrryat 'toi. the desired proportions of our privelege (atoi)/life (otoi)
Ksaksauitellen too Neither learning more about sacred cabinet-making
Chero vyellenoto Nor finding several new and brightly colored sexual partners
Mirri will
Psirri be able to restore all the lacking pleasures/contentments after they have been so terribly eroded by constant exposure to thick salt tears,
Tallasessat yoto. as you already understand.
Kammenat psasella tive There's no use
Rauen nirnaanat nanive Making pilgrimages to your beloved birthplace, from which you have long departed,
Loipsertele hanaprissa. For it has been delivered to your tribe's traditional enemies as weregeld for the crimes of your ancestors.
Koi chavenka kanvenkissa Partial paralysis induced by eating too much underripe fruit
Mirri will
Tirri render futile
Tar tirtavattissa! All your performances of vigorous country kissing-dances.
Maane mepsaakaan maelle Drinking the hot musky words from the dry pages adorned with coiled illuminations drawn in ink or semen voided by the poetic squids of yesteryear
Maakenmaa psysala selle. will not melt long-established ice glaciers of ennui into an ocean of passionate blood.
Vaakara raakyi raakyao Nonetheless, a pet rabbit, small and happily furred,
Vaakanka Kasta takyao' Which you can name "Kastyie", as is traditional for pet rabbits, if you so wish,
Mirri will
Ksirri diminish those aspects of your soul which are receptive to despair
Vaaktenkrastattak vao and can be served as a side dish if, by some misfortune, it dies before it has done so.

[OOC: Grr! This was gonna be an actual poll, but I couldn't persuade that to work either.] So what should I do about this? Write more stuff like that (or other views of alienness) and post to LiveJournal? Try again at the allergic ezine? Put non-Sythry stuff in the bard_bloom account, and keep sythyry for Sythyry? Write more Sythyry and things like that? Apologize to the bunnies? Stop moping and whining?

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