Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[16 Hispis 4262]

Vae, Oixe, and I looked at the Cafe Dutoillier menu.

Oixe:"The few things on this menu do I recognize. And which one should I get?"

Me:"Everything is good here -- it's excellent and fancy and floofy."

Vae:"Oh, no! We're in the wrong restaurant!"

Waitress:"I'm sorry. I'm sure that our highly skilled kitchen staff can prepare anything that you could possibly desire."

Vae:"No, no, no-no-no! You don't understand! This is supposed to be a casual date dinner lunch meal! Not a floofy one! I'm in so much trouble!"

Waitress:"I cannot fault the informality of your costume." Which was probably an attempt to be snippy, since Vae and Oixe were entirely naked. I'm not sure quite how mind-controlled the waitress was though.

Vae:"No, no, no! We have to go! Sythyry, this is your fault! You brought me here the other week and I didn't remember the place I meant to go instead of this!"

Me:"Hey! That was before you'd even met Oixe!"

Vae:"But you knew I was going to go on a date sometime!"

Me:"This is an excellent place for a date!"

Vae:"Not an informal date!"

I realized that it was probably a bad idea to get into a shouting match with a nendrai in the middle of a fancy restaurant, especially in front of the conspecific he fancied. Conciliation seemed like a good approach.

Me:"Well, can I improve the situation any?"

Vae:"Suggest an informal restaurant to me!"

Me:"Cider and cephalopods at Shfreyn's."

Vae:"The oh! The Sythyry! The wise, wise Sythyry!"

Me:"But let's not look like primes when we go there." She swatted me with her tail and turned me into a blee. "Hey! Turn me back! I don't want to be a blee! I just want to look like a blee!" She did.

Oixe's hands seemed to be having some sort of spasm.

Me:"Oixe? What's wrong with your hands?"

Oixe:"Not a thing! The laughter, is all... Oh, my other two heads that do not get to be my physical head I have stuffed into my hands. They can laugh there!"

Vae:"Laughing at my distress! Oixe, come with me to Bfelmykh, and we shall dine with great casualness at Shfreyn's!"

So the two nendrai turned themselves into mherobump, and teleported all of us to a city of minor monsters on a far-distant branch. Where, on our previous visit, we had left rather a lot of the city in flames by mistake and one of Vae's old friends rather badly hurt and unhappy.

Much better than having her frantically cast Mentador spells in Vheshrame Mene. I really better be getting extra bonuses for today's work.

Oh, right. I have to embezzle my own bonuses.

I hate my job.

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